Products We Love For Our Large Dog

A few weeks before we brought our puppy home, I shared a post about some of the ways we prepped for him. I brought up some important questions to ask, things to consider, and products we purchased before his arrival. In that post, I also promised to revisit the products and let you know what was and wasn't helpful, so here's that follow-up!

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All of these items have proved to be wonderful basics. These were all in my original post, but keep reading for some other items I would add.
For us, the MVP is definitely the car hammock. It's cheap, but durable, and it has protected our seats beautifully. Second in line, would be the raking brush for our pup's double coat.

  • Trimming scissors: great for general grooming at home (between his toes, ears, etc)
  • 2-sided brush: just a great basic
  • Carpet cleaner: best one we used out of several for accidents
  • Nail trimmer, Quick stop (for if you nick the nail too far), and toothbrush/paste: good basics
  • Leather leash: durable and long
  • Slip-lead: shorter and nice for leash/heel training
  • Large metal dish: awesome basic bowls and dishwasher safe
  • Furemover broom: as he sheds more, it's wonderful for pulling up hair in carpet and furniture
  • Kong and hole-ball: Both have stood the test of time and are still used daily!
  • Crate: a great basic, but the largest size is incredibly large, even for our large breed. The second largest size would have been plenty.
$19.99 $35.00
$13.99 $26.99
$9.97 $24.99

Recommend to add:

This one can't be found on Amazon, but his Pupbox subscription has been great because it always comes with treats for the month and new toys that can replace the more aggressively loved ones. I highly recommend trying it - it's truly been great. They even have a gifting option on their website which is nice.

  • Harness: it clips in the front and is useful for pullers (Bernese are natural pullers) - it redirects
  • Cooling mat: great for dogs that love cool places to lay more than beds (this is his bed)
  • Poop bags and dispenser: another great basic and comes with TONS of baggies
  • Split Elk Antler: great chew
  • King-sized throw blanket: covers half of our couch to save it from hair and damage, easy to wash
  • Shark vacuum: does a great job picking up hair from carpet and hardfloors
$27.00 $66.99


Gosh you guys, I really wracked my brain, but we've not really bought anything we haven't used! This ear cleaner is fine, but you can use other things (like apple cider vinegar) that do an even better job. 

There are some puppy chews that are no longer useful, but they were useful when he was smaller, so I couldn't include them. Generally, dogs have pretty basic needs!

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