Milwaukee Adventures // Part 2

Alright folks.

Here is another food and adventure list for you!

In the mood for an interesting beer? Maybe NOT one from Wisconsin?...or even the U.S.? Head over to Rumpus Room (a Bartalotta restaurant!). The atmosphere feels intimate and reserved while serving up their high quality drinks and food, but it's also super relaxed and their service in superb and friendly. Expect bar food, but amped up to gourmet. Their menu will seriously knock your socks off. (Ummm you can order bacon as a snack??)

Maybe you're more in the mood for wine. The Ruby Tap let's you grab a glass, and fill it up a little, a little more, or a lot and pay for only what you fill to...hence the "Wine on Tap." Try all sorts of wines or just find a favorite! Add some of their truffle popcorn or some incredible meats and cheeses to please your palate. Fill out your own menu sheet, hand it to the waitress and she'll bring you your personalized order in just a few minutes.

Sometimes I get in that mood where I don't know WHAT I want to do...I just know I don't want to be in the house anymore. In that case, grab some take-out or a pizza and find your way to Big Head Brewing Company. They're basically just a micro-brew in a big garage/warehouse. Buy a flight of their awesome brews, pick one of their many board or card games from a shelf, and watch whatever game is on. Then head over to the other room and play a game of bags, enjoy the free pinball machine, or throw a few free darts. Whatever you're in the mood for, Big Head will be a pleaser.

This week's adventure is...*drum roll*.........the Racine Lighthouse!

There is a small museum there that is open from 10AM - 4PM on Saturdays. You get a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan and the lighthouse is just a great sight to see up close! Not far from the lighthouse are a bunch of great trails for hiking and being "nature-y."

Hope these give you some inspiration for adventuring! Happy Sunday!