Why We Love IKEA

When I say "we" I do not mean Tom and I... I mean you. And everyone else. E'rebody in the club. Lemme tell you whyyyy we all love that big blue and yellow.

1. It's overwhelming.
As you walk in the door and grab your tiny wooden pencil and complementary map, you're sure this will be a calm, stress-free cruise through the aisles. You're going to keep your wits about you, this time. But suddenly, you hit the showroom floor and realize they have your own personal style down to a T... along with all the other kinds of styles you could imagine, and maybe those styles can work for you too!?!?! IT'S SO EXCITING! LET THE FRENZY BEGIN!!! Throw care to the WIND!

2. It's cheap.
"A frame for $5.99? I need 10. Candles for $2? I'll take 20, you know, for next year... and as gifts. Salad spinner for $3... yep. Drawer organizer. Pack of hand towels. Little vases. Fake potted plants. Ohhhh new mugs?! Outdoor chair cushions? Not sure if they'll fit my current outdoor chairs... but I don't want to make the trip back here. Better just grab 'em!"

3. Their food is kind of off-putting, but oh-so-good.
You look at those little dished up cakes or whatever and you aren't entirely sure if they're fake, plastic models, or if they're the real thing. The line is so efficient, though, so it's moving super fast and you get pressured to keep scooting along... so you just grab it, only half sure if it's food or not, but whatever. Then you sit down with those meatballs and you realize IKEA food is the highest quality product in the whole store.

4. They make you think about the future.
Don't have kids? Well, you're planning on having them in five years, and look how cheap those stuffed animals are?! Umm cute kiddie organizing shelves? Probs need that. IKEA has got my neeeeeeds. Also, maybe your next apartment needs a portable kitchen island... better safe than sorry!

5. If you're an IKEA veteran, you know where the secret shortcuts will take you.
Lucky you. You can B-line it to textiles and skip the kitchen showroom, because you my friend, are a star. Forget something that's across the store? No biggie, you know there's a secret passage behind that duvet cover. 

6. You get to run a marathon in the warehouse.
Except it's probably harder than a marathon because you have to push a giant, wobbly, flatbed. Which, if they run out of flatbeds for any period of time, and people wait by that distributing area just in front of the warehouse, there is a slight potential that you could be stampeded trying to grab the first one available. People get their claws out for that part.

7. Waiting in line gives you time to regret anything you grabbed.
This is the last call to take things off your cart that you grabbed in a frenzy. It's in that quiet 10 minutes, when you realize there is no place in your house for the three artistic lamps you picked up along the way. Also, in this moment of purging you get a twinge of stress that causes you to grab a couple rolls of those round chocolates that having nerve-calming capabilities.

8. You get to work a race-track-pit in order to leave.
"Honey, you bring around the car, I'll hold this spot in the loading zone!" A real-life game of Tetris and you've got everything loaded. You finally race down the garage ramps to freedom.

9. More Tetris at home... basically IKEA is just a game.
The time has come to put everything together. Between the wooden toggles and super specific screws, you race to finish getting your kitchen chairs setup. Now, your home looks like a perfect IKEA showroom *back-pat*

10. IKEA makes it home.
Yep, I got all sappy. It's true. Even with the stress of actually shopping there, the cheap, stylish workings of IKEA help your home feel like home. Just add the people (and maybe a Swedish meatball dinner) and it's HOME. IKEA, we love/hate you. Thanks.

Also, here is a Vine I took of my sister in the frenzy stage of IKEA shopping. You'll hear the phrase "SO CHEAP!"

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