Two Years Married

Two years ago I married this guy.

It was not the best day of my life. It was a beautiful, memorable day... but the best days of my life have followed.

In two years we have...

  • Changed jobs and even careers
  • Moved 800 miles away from where we started
  • Learned how to argue and how not to argue
  • Loved each other more with each day
  • Felt homesick
  • Constantly learned from one another
  • Laughed
  • Visited places neither of us have ever seen
  • Dreamt about our future
  • Started looking at houses together
  • Met new, wonderful people
  • Worshiped, prayed, and forgave
  • And then loved some more

In a future post, I'm going to share my thoughts on the way the world perceives marriage. How it's been cheapened and battered and unappreciated. The world makes marriage look like a man with his tail between his legs and a woman with a wooden mallet. And that marriage makes you a shell of a person...  how wrong that thinking is!

Being married to someone so wonderful makes life brighter, sweeter, and blessed. God gave me someone I can be myself with. Someone who challenges me to be a better person, friend, sibling, and daughter. He makes me laugh, and holds me when I cry. I am safe with my husband and he is always safe with me. There are many intimate conversations that are so unique to a married couple. Talking about your future together, making plans, noticing quirks, thoughtful actions and words... are all so interesting and beautiful in the friendship of marriage. In two years we have significantly grown and matured, but we have remained playful and light-hearted (personality traits that I think will always remain). I am so very, very blessed to be the wife of someone so loving and strong in character. Thanks be to God for such a blessed two years!

Our anniversary was actually on Monday. My parents were just in town, stopping through on their way to Florida, so this post is a little late. We dressed up and went out for seafood - Our dinner was full of laughs (of course) and we had a lovely time. As is typical, we ate too much and went into a food coma upon arriving home :) I'll just leave you with a couple snapshots: