My Husband Is An Enabler

Myyyyyy husband.

I am madly in love with the man. I hope everyone loves their husbands a whole bunch because it's such an amazing gift. Every day (no joke), I actually say in my prayers that I am so thankful to God that he put this exceptional man in my life.

Now, I could ramble on about this fella all day and get all sorts of mushy on you.

But I'm here to tell you about something my husband basically makes impossible.


It's no secret that he loves to cook, and I love to bake. Spending time in the kitchen is a hobby of ours and we LOVE finding new ways of making something. When he cooks, I follow behind his every move and clean up after him, because he's really messy. But I love it! It's time spent together, laughing, bumping into each other, and stealing a kiss.

The other night we read through some of those "questions to ask your spouse" lists, just for kicks. One of the questions was "what is your favorite thing you've bought as a couple?" Tom said our mattress because it was a great investment, very comfortable, etc.. I said (through laughter) "groceries."

The last two years of eating yummy dinners and catching up on favorite shows can be tough on a little woman. So I've occasionally slipped into trying to cut back or say "no" more often... but it just isn't that easy with Tom around (queue entrance of 6'4" Goliath husband with the appetite of four men).
Last night on a walk, we wandered into Kroger to look at weird foods we've never noticed on a normal grocery trip. All was well and we weren't planning on getting anything... but suddenly, we saw some QUESO. I know what you're thinking... big whoop, every grocery store has queso..." No no no. You do not understand. Tom knows that when I get in the mood for a certain food, I don't stop thinking about it until I've had it. Like I once thought about those sour ropes coated in sugar for a solid three months before we broke down and bought them to sneak into a theater. Only then did those stupid ropes stop cropping up in my subconscious. So, like the many other times, he knew I had queso-on-the-brain. BECAUSE QUESO. However, he also knows I'm trying to say "no" more often. Yet again, queue Goliath husband hunger...
T: Ohhh it's the authentic Mexican kind. Really melty like in restaurants.
He then sees my googly-eyes filled with floating bowls of queso.
J: ...but you didn't bring your wallet did you.. 
Frantically starts feeling all his pockets... EUREKA!

We made the arduous five minute walk home with our queso and watched as two men outside a gymn measured their biceps. Thankfully, the girth we would soon acquire from the intake of melty cheeses could only be measured in happiness and pleasure.
Did I regret gorging myself in authentic Mexican queso? husband is good at being that little demon on my shoulder whispering "it's okay -  it was worth it" so no. Not at all. 

Therefore my theory has been proved (time and time again): My husband makes dieting impossible. He is unashamedly an enabler. Within 24 hours of my formally announced "endeavor to be better" he's asking if I'll make him some snickerdoodles. 

I think he thinks he's showing me love. Which he obviously is, because apparently my favorite purchase I've made with him are GROCERIES and not our nice cross-over vehicle or something like that. Nevertheless, I have a consistent war in my head over whether I should throw care to the wind and have a beer with my husband, or pout while I watch him eat the rest of the ice cream container alone.

Tom actually caught himself being an enabler in the queso scenario last night and quoted the following line from When Harry Met Sally. Except he exchanged "hate you" with "diet." (We definitely don't hate each other. And we love queso)


Is your spouse an enabler? Do you secretly (not so secretly) really love that they are? I know I do...