Wisconsin (Summer 2015)



We have moved.
Settled in a bit.
Driven 14 hours.
Stood up in a wedding.
Camped with one side.
Stayed with the other side.
Driven another 14 hours.
Grocery shopped for the first time in about a month.

Now I am preparing for guests for a week-long stay. Such a busy month we have had! It has been immensely exciting, stressful, and fun... but I am SO ready to be back to a writing routine. I hope you missed me because I missed all of you lovely people! I have had to consciously avoid my blogging friends or I knew I would find myself immersed in their awesome writing instead of focusing on the craziness at hand. Haha!

All that aside, here is a picture tour of what we did over the last 10+ days in Wisconsin. I was the matron of honor in my friend's beautiful wedding, we camped in the Wisconsin Dells with my 24 person immediate family (not a joke haha), then we spent the final three days with my in-laws buzzing around fun places in the Milwaukee or Madison area. My husband and I have not had a long vacation since our honeymoon and this trip, though packed full of events, was so lovely to spend together. We laughed and laughed and talked.. and laughed some more. Love that man to pieces. He is my best and truest friend. What a blessing he is to me every day *cheesy-rant over*

Enjoy the following shots! 

Expect to hear more from me after this week. Thanks for hanging tight during my absence!

If you're looking for some good tunes, listen to the Hozier radio station on Pandora. I haven't turned it off for two days. Sooooo goooood.

I'm getting all random on you guys because I don't know where to start and I want to word vomit everything I've seen or heard or ate in the last three weeks! K, sorry. I'm done. Peace and blessin's.

TravelJoy Johnson