Guest Bathroom

I love an easy update!

Here's the shortcut version of what we did...

  • removed chair rails and patched area
  • scraped ceilings smooth, primed, and painted
  • re-caulked tub, toilet, and sink
  • painted walls, cabinet, vanity, and trim
  • added drawer and cabinet hardware
  • created a faux marble countertop using contact paper
  • installed a new toilet

All of these projects were simple, relatively cheap, and we were done in four days. Did it have surprises? Ohhh yes. Unwelcome, accidental, surprises. Lemme just show you the best way we know how.

Hahahaha ...don't you love when you buy a house that literally has holes in the walls? Oh well. We'll fix it later. Here's some more process glamour shots.

So what do you all think? For a simple update, we are super pleased.

Things for Phase 2:

  • champagne bronze towel holder (also one for large towels), light fixture, and faucet
  • new tub/shower
  • new vanity and countertop
  • fix the hole in the wall and come up with a better storage solution (instead of the cabinet)
  • different flooring
  • fix the air vent to actually go outside instead of to the attic (ugh)
  • general decor (framed art, etc..)
HouseJoy Johnson