Joy's Nashville Favorites


Last update 5/8/19

Now that we’ve lived in Nashville a year, and many of my social media friends and followers are well aware that we live here, I regularly get asked for recommendations on places to eat and play and see. Since my list has grown over the last year, and I am still finding new places, I have a hard time fitting all my recommendations into one Instagram message. Sooooo I figured now is as good a time as any to put together my full list of Nashville favorites, which I will come back to regularly to update as I continue to find new favorites.

Now, keep in mind, we moved here when I was a pregnant sea cow, and then I had a baby and spent many months indoors… BUT we still explore as often as we get the chance. Bolded places are NOT as family friendly. Also, I’ll note if anything is dog-friendly.

Coffee Shops

This is its own category since they’re all amazing. Keep in mind, a few of these have multiple locations, but they’re all great!

  • Crema

  • Barista Parlor

  • Dose

  • Caliber

  • Steadfast

  • 8th and Roast

  • Cafe Roze (also, great food menu)

  • Portland Brew

  • Ugly Mugs

  • Frothy Monkey

  • Bowtie Barista

  • Red Bicycle


  • Mas Tacos Por Favor

  • Joey’s House of Pizza

  • Phat Bites

  • Pinewood Social

  • Nectar Urban Cantina - dog friendly and very family friendly with outdoor live music

  • 5th & Taylor

  • Oak Steakhouse

  • Sindoore Indian

  • Chauhan Ale & Masala House

  • Chaatable

  • Hemingway’s Bar and Hideaway

  • Martin’s BBQ

  • Mitchell Delicatessen

  • Lockeland Table

  • Tacos y Mariscos Lindo Mexico (hole in the wall in Madison - get the chicken)

  • Burger Up

  • Restoration Hardware Cafe

  • Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

  • Clawson’s Deli

  • Hathorne

  • Fat Bottom Brewing Co. (chicken salad)

  • Coco’s Italian Market


  • Shipley’s Donuts

  • Five Daughter’s Bakery (beware! overpriced and very sweet, but a good treat - just don’t go overboard!)

  • Soda Parlor

  • Olive and Sinclair (Chocolate Co.)

To Do

  • Nashville Zoo

  • Opryland

  • State Museum

  • Nashville Farmer’s Market

  • Hill Center Mall (Green Hills area) - almost all stores are dog friendly!

  • Broadway - touristy, but entertaining night life/live music if that’s what you’re looking for

  • Germantown neighborhood - shops and restaurants

  • The Green Hour (Thurs-Sat only - bar)

  • Rudy’s Jazz Room

  • Lane Motor Museum

  • Two River’s Dog Park

  • 12 South (food and shopping)

  • The Gulch (if you’re into murals… haha oh boy)

  • Any of the many breweries (Yazoo, Fat Bottom, Black Abbey, Nashville Brewing, Jackalope, etc..)