Kitchen Reveal

It's been quite the journey to get to the kitchen renovation finish line, but we have made it... and in pretty good time, if I do say so myself! We have been up and running for a couple of weeks now, but just recently scored some awesome deals on new appliances that we had been waiting for. These deals showed up earlier than expected, and what's better, if the prices go down at Best Buy or a competitor in the next 45 days, they'll match it.

I'm not being paid to say this, but I gotta give a little plug to Best Buy. They were incredibly easy to work with and their price match guarantee was super easy. They didn't even raise an eyebrow when we showed them a price almost $200 under what they were charging. Then, at no extra charge, they had our new appliances loaded into our house about 48 hours later. It was amazing!! I just think it's important to acknowledge great customer service that goes beyond what's expected and they certainly proved that to me. 

Back to the reveal and the photos... because let's be real, I'm lucky if you're actually reading what I'm typing right now. You're here for the pictures, I know, I know.

If you need a refresher on the progress photos try Progress 1 and Progress 2.

Keep in mind, we still have some pieces to add in terms of decor and a backsplash and so on, but now that we're able to use the space, those things can come along later - bit by bit. And if you're wondering at all where something is from I'm just gonna go ahead and simplify the answer for you: IKEA. The lights, the counters, the handles, the table, the couch... There are some exceptions, but I actually chuckle a little when I look around and am surrounded by IKEA! I am soooo happy we chose them and I'll get more in depth on that in another post.

Okay, okay, now I mean it... PICTURES (click to enlarge):