Ottica: Eyewear Co. Review

This is an honest review in exchange for the products received courtesy of Ottica. All opinions are my own.

As posts like these often work, Ottica reached out to me to see if I had any interest in trying their online store and ordering a pair of glasses on them.

Well, the funny thing is the timing.

Tom had recently been to the eye doctor and had been searching high and low for new specs for weeks. He tried on a few Warby Parkers, and even ordered a pair from another retailer (but the prescription was off and he just returned them). I, too, had been on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses for our upcoming trip, when Ottica dropped into my inbox. Normally, I'd have probably politely passed them by, but the timing was too fateful, so I happily accepted their offer (and I'm glad I did).

Tom ordered a prescription pair of the Weston and I ordered a pair of Carolina Lemke CL 7336 sunglasses in leopard print. 


Ottica is an online prescription glasses retailer, and they carry some amazing brands like Tory Burch, Burberry, and Michael Kors.

They also have a comprehensive guarantee, and that's something I personally require when dealing with something as finicky as glasses and prescriptions. We actually ended up using their customer service, which I'll detail in a moment.


When ordering from a computer, we kept running into an additional $30 fee being added once we were about to checkout. It was for an option called "Prism" which you can check or uncheck, but we made sure it was unchecked multiple times. Without fail, it would repeatedly add $30 - It was infuriating. However, Tom finally figured out that it's actually a bug within a button (he's such a smarty pants). If you click the bottom "Update Cart" button, $30 will be added... BUT if you click the "Update Cart" button in the righthand sidebar, you'll have no additional fees. We ended up ordering from a phone which must be responsive to the sidebar button, because we had no issues there. But Tom figured out this bug while I wrote this review. (See the video below to see what I'm talking about)


I suppose we're used to Amazon Prime shipping, but it took about a week for one pair to reach us. Tom's glasses arrived quite a few days before my sunglasses, which I thought was odd since they were in the same order, but they were packaged beautifully and were clearly great quality. Free shipping is always a bonus, so no complaints :) Overall, they were worth the wait!

Customer Service/Exchanges:

Though we loved our frames, Tom's prescription seemed off (again!) so back he went to the eye doctor and had his Rx adjusted for the second time. We were able to send them back to Ottica easily, and they stuck with their guarantee to basically right any wrongs, but it took over two weeks for them to change out the lenses and send them back. Their customer service has been very responsive, though, and we really can't complain beyond the waiting period. In fact, a big thanks to them for their patience amidst Tom's annoying prescription hang-ups!

Overall thoughts:

Ottica has countless options for men's and women's frames, special lens additions, sunglasses, Rx sunglasses, and more. Plus, they have a neat little option to virtually try-on frames which was really helpful (unlike most virtual try-on programs - haha)! Everything was exactly as we would have expected, but the quality even better. With some things to keep in mind in terms of their website's bug, I really would recommend giving Ottica a try. The quality and customer service far outweigh any wait times, and I know I'd be happy to order from them again. Especially because of the amazing brands they carry!

Plus, doesn't Tom look dapper in those new specs?! 

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try and honestly review your unique, custom-crafted eyewear, Ottica!