The Secret to Becoming an Atlanta Foodie

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Before moving to Atlanta, Tom and I had been waist deep in the foodie culture of Milwaukee.

(Side note: If you don't know about the Milwaukee foodie culture, and you live in Milwaukee, then you should get a strong sense of FOMO because the food there is unreal)

Foodie culture, to me, isn't pretentious or even overtly serious. It can be, sure... but to me, it's a celebration of the innumerable ways food can be prepared, served, and indulged in. It offers a peek into the creativity of those who put their livelihood into the making of delicious foods in the hopes that those who try it, love it as much as they do. Foodie culture is fun, fascinating, and so enjoyable.

That being said, it can be an expensive hobby to constantly try new restaurants and dishes. We budget our foodie dates, probably like a lot of people, but sometimes this can restrict how often we're able to go out. Not that that's a bad thing, but if you can find ways to make going out more budget friendly without sacrificing quality or quantity, wouldn't you?

Well... since you asked...

Let me introduce you to our secret weapon, our new bff for date nights, and our foodie exploring guidebook: The Dining Out ATL Passbook 
Follow that link and scroll down to see all the great restaurants it includes!

(By using my code JOYpass2017 you can get one for only $35)

This little book holds tons of two-for-one entrees and other deals at over 70 restaurants across the metro Atlanta area.

Think of it this way... say a typical entree costs $12. By using the passbook three times you've already broken even and the passbook has paid for itself. Every time you use it after that, it's saving you the cost of an entree every time you go out!

As far as the restaurant options... well, let's just say you'll never have to worry about great ambience, variety, or cuisine options. Everything is covered in this great little sidekick to your dining out adventures in Atlanta.

Now that I've informed you of our secret way to be foodies without breaking the bank, let me share with you Anis Bistro - one of the amazing restaurants found in the passbook.

Anis Bistro is a French restaurant that is owned and operated by Arnaud Michel, who grew up in Montpellier, France. Visit their website to learn more about the restaurant.

As a new ambassador for the Dining Out ATL passbook, I was privileged to be able to attend an event at Anis Bistro. We were quite literally wined and dined, and I am thoroughly impressed. Arnaud was an incredible host, and I loved talking food and France with him (especially since we're visiting France in the fall) and because French food happens to be my favorite cuisine. You guys know I wouldn't talk about or endorse anything on my blog I don't 100% think is amazing, and Anis Bistro is no exception. If you're in or around ATL and you're looking for a perfect date night, GO HERE. Order the wine, DEFINITELY have the chocolate mousse, and savor your bites because it is all ohhhh sooo good.

Of course, save yourself some moolah and grab the Dining Out ATL Passbook, though!
Order one here and use the code JOYpass2017 to save $64.

If I'm being honest, it's super hard to add food photos to my posts because my mouth literally starts watering. Hope you enjoyed this foodie post!

Don't forget to use the code JOYpass2017 to get one for only $35!

Do you have a favorite cuisine? French food always wins in my book!