Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

New here? No?

Regardless, I thought it might be time to let you in on some of my life secrets. Okay, well, not exactly secrets, but a few things I bet you don't know about me. Unless you really know me. So, did you know....

  • In 2011 I interned with "the world's largest music festival" (Summerfest in Milwaukee). It was one of my favorite jobs because of the adrenaline it required. Working from 9am-2am, a forty-five minute drive, for eleven days was insane and amazing.
    Once, at a pre-festival concert, Tim McGraw walked right past me - like two feet in front of me - and he smelled amazing.
  • I'm the youngest of seven children - I feel like I've mentioned this before. But have I told you all our names start with "J" ?
  • For a long time I wanted to be a photojournalist in war zones.
  • My first year in college, I majored in graphic design. I met my now-husband in my art classes! I changed majors the following year to PR, Business Comm, and Marketing.
  • I sang several solos growing up, and participated in honor choirs. My voice was one of the first things Tom liked about me, actually. Freshman year as friends, I was casually singing in my dorm room with the door open and he walked in and hung out to hear more. That sounds a lot creepier than it was.
  • My biggest pet peeve: the feeling of cotton (like from a t-shirt) between my teeth, or seeing someone else chew or hold a piece of clothing in their mouth. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it - blah! That dry, squeaky, cotton feeling on one's teeth just drives me crazy.
  • I have worked at at least three places for only a single day before quitting. Bed, Bath, and Beyond was one of them. I had to climb a ten-foot ladder and swing my leg over the top. It was terrifying. 
  • Coldplay is my all time favorite band and I daydream about meeting them. Seeing them in concert over the summer was magical.
  • I've had eighteen jobs since I started working at fifteen years old. And I only disliked five of them! 
  • I don't care for meals that are all one texture, which is why I don't care for pasta - it's too soft! It's a flaw in my being, I know. Though, I am not picky in any other way with food.
  • My top, front six teeth are all fake (though, I tell everyone this fact, so you probably know).
  • I actually loved working retail (Gap, LOFT, and grocery work) because of the fast pace and upbeat environment. It's taught me to be more patient with retail workers as a customer.
  • I'm a coffee snob. And I'm not sorry about it.
  • One of the strangest, most common comments I receive, is on the softness of my hands. Like the skin on my hands is really smooth or something. I've been getting this comment since middle school and I can never decide how I feel about it..?
  • I love being outside and camping, but I hate bugs and humidity. Solve that riddle for me, would ya?

Anything here come as a surprise? I may do another one of these down the road, but I thought these were some good basics to start with for you to get to know me. Just for fun :) What else would you want to know?