Welcome to Joy Lynn

If you've been a reader of my previous blogs For the Love of Tuna or The Accidental House Blog, (I hope) you've been anxiously awaiting this elusive announcement. At long last, here I am! Rebranded with a new name and entirely new feel.

If you were not previously a reader of my blogs, a warm welcome to you! You've joined us at an exciting time!

There are some pretty obvious changes going on in this new space, but let me explain what exactly has changed and why.

For the Love of Tuna (which focused solely on life, marriage, and travel) and The Accidental House Blog (which followed our homeownership adventures) are no more. They've been put to rest, and replaced with a fresh face and different angle: Joy Lynn.

You see, I came to realize that the things in life that I love, should not be compartmentalized. I love marriage, travel, house renovations and DIY, and all the bits and pieces in between. Trying to keep those pieces in separate, precise niches felt unnatural. It forced me to love one more than the other one day, and less the next. Why can't I love them and talk about them as one all-encompassing joy of my life? That is what they add up to, afterall. The passionate, hard, beautiful, creative pieces of my life. They deserve to share a space online in the same way they share space in my everyday life. 

This is my lifestyle. This is Joy Lynn.

Joy Lynn is a lifestyle blog centered around living simply, adventuring daily, strong marriage, home improvements, and creating a life filled with lessons learned and grateful hearts.

Why did I choose my own name? Because a bunch of other people do it? Because I'm a narcissist?
I chose my name for several reasons. One being that I do actually think my name is rather melodic and pretty. And don't take that as me being full of myself -- I didn't name me! Secondly, if you haven't noticed, this thing called life ebbs and flows. It pushes and pulls. It stretches you and gives you times of peace. There are few things that don't change with time... but names are usually one of them. My name is Joy Lynn, and it always will be. Even if my interest in travel becomes a thing of the past. Even if I lose my love for baking. Even if my house burns down. I am still going to be Joy Lynn. 

I would strongly encourage you to visit my about page to familiarize yourself with this new community and find out the best ways for you to stay connected with what we have going on at Joy Lynn.

You'll find some content from both my previous blogs, but as a whole, the content has been whittled down to the well-knowns and my personal favorites. I've made space for so much more room to grow!

You'll also see some of my favorite Amazon products listed in the sidebar of my blog post pages. They'll change from time to time, but they are all items I own and love and thought you might love too! Plus, I'll always have very affordable items there because I'm incredibly thrifty.

If you'd like to just say hi, approach me about a guest post or collaboration, or talk about sponsorships and advertising on Joy Lynn, visit my contact page and shoot me a note. I'd love to hear from you!

Things to come...

Finally, as the weeks go on, you may see more fun items launch on the Joy Lynn community. This blog was designed by me entirely (in fact, my Joy Lynn logo is my actual signature) and it wasn't nearly as intimidating as you'd think. I use the platform Squarespace, and I feel so strongly about the benefits it offers to people of all skill levels to be able to start their own blog, website, or online business. I've designed a large handful of websites using this platform and I want to lead others down this path as well. It may not be for everyone, but as an extremely tech savvy person with experience in coding and web design, Squarespace is my absolute favorite between the "biggies" - Wordpress, Blogger, and Squarespace. Keep an eye out for more info, or reach out to me in the meantime if you'd like to talk website design.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, dear readers! The last couple of years have been such a pleasure. The blogging community is such an incredible, unique place, and I am forever grateful to all who are a part of it. My journey in creative markets of the world is so inspiring and sharing it with each of you is lovely. You all encourage me in ways you don't even realize. I am looking forward to this new phase immensely... just as long as you're all by my side.

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