See something on my Instagram that caught your eye?

Here are the products many of you have asked about. It may be affiliate linked, and it may not. These are just items my readers have wanted more info about.

Stair Runner

Stair Runner

To do this project, we ordered three 2’6”x 8’ runners and Tom used a staple gun to secure it. We followed this tutorial by Young House Love.


Duck Boots

These are the boots I wore all over Iceland and now all over Nashville. I love them! They are warm, sturdy, and comfortable.


C-table with hidden cubby

Our couch is super deep, so we opted for a C-table so we wouldn’t have to reach so far for things (#expertloungers). I loved this table after a short search because 1. the price is pretty comparable to most others, if not cheaper 2. it has a hidden cubby! Our remote was always sliding off our other side table or Hondo’s tail was swiping it to the ground, but this one has a little internal shelf and it keeps the couch and floor so neat and tidy. So functional and pretty!

glass jars

Glass storage jars

These jars come in various sizes, but I keep my flour and sugar in the gallon versions (I think). They’re super pretty and you honestly can’t beat the price! They look like they’d easily be $20+ each… nope!