One Year Married

I really cannot believe that Tom and I have been married a whole year. In the grand scheme, yeah, a year is short. But I feel like we've been married for like 4 months - does time progress in marriage?? It's really so wonderful though, and we have already been on a great adventure of marriage together. It's fun to figure things out with someone - there are gives and takes and joys and disappointments and it all converges into such a beautiful thing. I get to share in this guy's life....for the REST of his life! And there has hardly been a dull moment. I swear, friendship is the key to marriage (because obviously I know soooooo much about marriage now that we've been together a WHOLE YEAR!). Seriously though. Tom and I were joking, teasing, good talks, and funny story telling friends before we ever even dated. That friendship grew into more, but the FRIENDS part remained.

Anyways, to celebrate our first year...of mostly involved food.

We're going to become such food and wine snots before we know it.

We didn't do legitimate gifts (okay, Tom got a couple bottles of rye and bourbon, and I get to take myself shopping), but overall, we really enjoy experiences more than THINGS. 

So Friday, we made steak and twice baked potatoes to go with a 2009 Italian import red wine that my CEO gave to us for our wedding last year. We saved it just for this occasion, and wow. It was amazing. 

Saturday we took a trip to the Basilica of Saint Josaphat in Mil-town because I've never seen it. I adore historical architecture, so it was amazing to finally see it. Breakfast included french press coffee and monkey bread. Oh! And we got BRAND new phones and a new carrier!

Sunday we went to church, spent the afternoon at the mall (happy wife!), drove up to Port Washington where we were supposed to eat at The Pasta Shoppe.....but as I was getting out of the car, I dropped my BRAND NEW phone on the ground and the screen shattered. Soooo we drove BACK to the mall (the nearest T-Mobile) and they were randomly closed an hour earlier than usual. So in between my tears, we decided on a place near downtown Milwaukee and split a bottle of wine. Then we took a walk by the lake and FINALLY headed home. It was a long, fun, very eventful day.

I'll leave a trail of pictures so that this doesn't get long-winded....but cheers to my husband for an incredible year of marriage.