If you lost all your memories...

If you could keep only one memory, what would it be?

Isn't that a thought provoking question? Seriously though. I'm only 25, but to think of all the moments in my life that I hold dear, if I could only keep ONE...? 

My mind starts to roll back into every season of my life. Does this question do the same to you? I think of being a young child and looking up to my older siblings, the times I spent with my grandparents before they passed, the family vacations, my nieces and nephews being born...

Personally, I skim over my middle school through high school years, because they seem insignificant to me. Isn't that odd? I guess it was the awkwardness of not fitting in and a lack of confidence. But those years made me who I am... would I be different if I had no memory of that time in my life? 

College was great - how could I choose only one memory from those precious years? Or when I met Tom? Our wedding? Honeymoon? The countless memories of this first year and a half together? 


I just have no idea - memories are what make up your life! If I had to pick ONLY one, there is one that stands out to me so vividly. But it is simply the beginning of a culmination of hundreds that have followed, so it's really if I HAD to choose.

After our wedding, we drove to Chicago - still dressed in our wedding clothes. We arrived at our hotel and Tom loaded up a cart for our luggage. We got to our room, he took the luggage off the cart and was about to return it. But I wanted to get out of my TIGHT dress, so I asked if he could undo the buttons before he took the cart downstairs. I was standing in front of a mirror, simply by chance, and I stood there in my dress - a bride - while he so quietly, patiently, and lovingly undid those silly buttons. I just looked at us in the mirror. It was such a beautiful moment. He even had to use his keys to get them off! Haha! Then we grabbed dinner in the hotel restaurant and it was the calmest and most relaxing experience after all that planning and preparing. We were MARRIED. Mexico was awaiting us the next day! So that would be my memory... but I know over all the years to come, my choice in ONE memory will change.

What would you choose? Is this question as tough for you as it was for me?

LifeJoy Johnson