Stop Looking For Love

"Ugh... that's what EVERYONE says"

Maybe you should listen!

Have you ever been frantically running out the door because you're late for work but you can't find your freaking phone!?!?! You tear through your bedding, dig through your makeup case, check every pants or coat pocket you see, dig through your purse, and finally dump it out... only to realize... your phone is in your hand?

Everyone has a different love story, but I believe once you find it, you'll look back and realize it was right under your nose! You were just so set on looking for it that you didn't even notice it was RIGHT THERE. A lot of it has to do with timing, but nevertheless, it's just there.

Tom and I, as an example...

We met our freshman year of college. We had a lot of the same classes, and even carpooled to a class off campus. We were just friends. He had a girlfriend, and I had a boyfriend. But we clicked as friends and I verbally told him "I could never date you Tom. You're such a good friend"... and he agreed. We remained friends over the next two years. Our junior year, we worked side-by-side in the IT department on campus. A few of his friends had a thing for me and would go to him for advice, and I was asking him advice on how to get rid of them. Suddenly we were hanging out alone just because we liked each other's company. Still just friends. We went on friend dates and took turns buying drinks or movie tickets.

... and then we kinda got attracted to each other and it was weird. So we decided to TRY dating and see what happened. Well, almost 4 years later and we're married. All those years! He was right under my nose! It's like that quote up above - we quietly gave some love to each other, even if just as friends, and that's what we noticed. I noticed that he was patient, and he noticed that I was sarcastic.

But I wasn't LOOKING for it. The night we started "dating" I had had dinner with a friend and told her I was happy being single. I liked where I was and felt good about myself and independent. Literally TWO hours later I had a boyfriend. Bahaha... If we had dated at any point BEFORE that, I don't think we would have lasted. God knew when the timing would be perfect.

That's just one example though... but go out and ask your friends, parents, siblings, etc. I bet they'll tell you they were NOT looking for it.

All I'm saying is, go out and meet people. Go on dates, but if you don't want to, then don't! Go have coffee by yourself. I once got asked on a date in a Panera Bread while eating alone. Look up from your devices and meet people. If love doesn't come from it, confidence in yourself will.

So don't go looking for it. Pursue God, pursue yourself, and the rest will follow.

MarriageJoy Johnson