10 Things I'm Leaving in 2014

First of all, this morning, I had no idea it was New Years Eve.

My husband reminded me of this fact as he walked out the door to work... I looked at him with my greasy hair in a bun on top of my head and made a face like this:

Then I went to the store and got mini bottles of champagne and some mini bundt cakes (Thanks Jonny and Angela for the giftcard to the holy land of Nothing Bundt Cakes!!! Go there if you can, people. The best cakes in the WHOLE WORLD).

So that's how we're celebrating. And I am not going to wear a sequin dress. I'm probably going to wear a clean, giant t-shirt and ugly slippers. I'm so excited.

So then I felt pressured to write some glorious blog post about my resolutions for 2015.

But everyone does that.

Or they talk about why they don't have resolutions.

Or how they're going to be a better person.

But what about this last year?

Does anyone ever talk about how they did on their resolution over the last year? Nope! Because people forget they even had a resolution. So why make one if you're just going to forget it?

I feel like no one talks about what they learned in the last year - but guys, that's super important!

So here are some things I want to leave in 2014:

  1. Crying. If you've read my blog, you know this. I've cried so much since moving to Georgia I think my tear ducts actually had to expand and have amped up their production. I'm okay with leaving the tears in 2014. Fingers crossed.
  2. Stagnant jobs. When my husband got a job in Georgia, I finally had a great excuse to leave my stagnant job behind. I had no idea how much my job was hurting me not only emotionally and mentally, but physically too. I suddenly started getting full nights of sleep again, my skin cleared up, and day after day I am more refreshed than I've felt in two years. If your job is weighing you down, move on. You won't regret it. 
  3. My fear of heights. Okay, maybe not. But I'll try. I think I'm getting better. I made it over a couple of bridges and stairs this fall without totally losing it. There's hope.
  4. Fake friendships. Real friendships include friends that are happy with you, sad with you, and mad with you. True friends support and encourage you, and are interested and invested in you. I realized how many people fell out of my life this year, and that lightbulb of "you were never actually my friend..." went off. I have a clearer sense of who I am important to and who is important to me. It's wonderful. But it also makes me miss the real ones like crazyyyy.
  5. My fear of driving. I hate driving, guys. But I'm gonna put that fear behind me. Literally, I'm going to drive my fear away. But I secretly (not so secretly) wish I had a personal driver.
  6. Disconnection with family. No matter the miles between you, your family will always be there. Because of my new venture in working from home, I have talked to my beloved sisters more than I have been able to in years. They've listened to me cry and called to make me laugh. The chance to talk to my family every day or at least every week is something I am so glad to make time for, now.
  7. Distrust in God's plan. Sometimes God's plan for you is different than you were "hoping" for. Once you see the effect of His plan, though, you suddenly realize He has your best interests in mind. He led us to an amazing church home in Georgia. He gave both Tom and I new opportunities to develop our careers into something that "fits" us. He showed me the true value of family and friends. It's kind of like that Garth Brooks song that says "sometimes I thank God, for unanswered prayers." What we think would be ideal may not be... and God knows. He's definitely a lot more dependable... and thankfully, always right.
  8. Low confidence. You choose how to feel. I'm leaving my insecurities in 2014 and enjoying all the seasons of my life. I'm going to choose to love me. No more thoughts that "I can't" or "I wish." I am me, and I am happy.
  9. Lack of experience. Experience more. New restaurants, new shops, new towns, a new shampoo. Gain experience in a hobby or branch of your job you'd like to learn more about. We live in a big wide world - go experience it! It is so exciting to try something new. You'll be surprised at how capable you are. 
  10. DIY projects. Let's be real. I'm terrible at DIY, so it's time to put a lid on it.

I hope everyone had a fabulous 2014 and you can all take away some lessons learned. Remember to leave some things in 2014, though, because 2015 needs room to be even better. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What are YOU leaving behind? Doesn't it feel good just to SAY you're leaving things behind you?

LifeJoy Johnson