Hilton Head, SC

An ode to a two-person Christmas:

Twas the night after Christmas and all through the town, no family was visiting, there was only a spouse.

The couple decided to go away on their own to see the near ocean and call it their home.

The bikes were all packed in the car with a squeeze, their overnight bags could fit nicely with ease.

Early in the morning, they set out on the trek, not really sure if they'd ever come back.

The wife fell asleep as she usually does, while the husband drove smoothly - not causing a fuss.

Three short hours in, they made it to Savannah, there they filled up on tuna (also known as Joy's manna).

Thomas had parked the car nicely in parallel form, while his wife gave her praise at his marvelous charm.

It was time to keep moving, the ocean awaits! The Red Roof Inn would be tonight's pearly gates!

Soon enough they arrived, and they shrugged at their room, they knew right away the beach would be where they'd loom.

The beach was a tad chilly, as they bundled up warm, but the sunset was worth it, and the pictures affirm.

To dinner they wandered for the freshest seafood, but they found that their taste buds have a "high and mighty" attitude.

Gelato followed up the subpar restaurant place, because wife needs to wash things down with a sweeter taste.

The next morning was slow and relaxing and calm, but soon enough now they'd be biking along.

To the beach with those bikes! They rode slowly to see all the waves and the smells and sweet ocean breeze.

Afterwards a fast lunch filled their bellies once more, then they slowly drove home a different way than before.

Though their time had been short they felt refreshed and renewed, and once home they decided to carry on with that mood.

Though Christmas is never the same without family near, with each other and the ocean, they did find their cheer.

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