The Office Spouse vs. The Home Office Spouse

How many of you work from home, or have a spouse that works from home?

This was a new endeavor for Tom and I when we moved to Georgia last year.

Previously, in Wisconsin, we both had the typical 9-5. We left for work within 10 minutes of each other, and arrived home within a 10 minute span too. We had weekends together, holidays had to be planned based on PTO availability, appointments were made in early mornings or evenings, and so on. We got used to the routine of it all, but honestly, it felt TOO routine after two years. It felt like we were always "working for the weekend." Every weekday evening was a welcome zone-out from the pressures of the day, and we were more than happy to make dinner together and veg. 

Now, I work from home. I make appointments during the day, meet Tom for spontaneous lunches, and our time off is unlimited (so thankful he has a job that allows that freedom!).

The everlasting problem of this Office Spouse vs. Home Office Spouse thing is downtime. 
Now, Tom comes home from the office with that need to zone-out, but some nights (not super often), I get an urgent desire to just get OUT of my office. I've tried to compromise by doing something free, but a change in scenery. Like going for a drive together, walking around an outdoor mall, etc... but it never lasts long because I have a tired husband on my hands. I want to respect his needs for relaxation while meeting my needs of restlessness. I save us money by having all my meals at home, scrounging for what we have that doesn't require lots of cleanup. Then, Tom comes home and we have dinner... at home... while catching up on a Netflix show. I'm not complaining, because eating-in really does save money, but what does one do about that cabin fever?

I've tried working from coffee shops, until I've suddenly spent $20 in one week on coffee I can get at home. I try to get out during the day (errands and such) so I'm less restless by the evening, but then that leaves me working into the night. Plus, I tend to do my best, most productive work first thing in the morning and into the afternoon, so doing errands during that time can throw me off. I've also tried to implement an after-work walk, but dinner usually trumps that, followed by a digestive resting hour (haha)... not to mention his workload might put him home at varying times throughout the week so you can't count on a certain time.

How does one balance the office spouse/home office spouse thing? Are you in a similar situation? Would love your thoughts or ideas!