Gifts For A New Mom

Yep, you read that right.

For the mom.

Sorry baby, there were probably a bunch of showers for your sake. This post is for the mamas!

Well, more specifically, for the mama's friends, sisters, husband... or whoever else might have a close enough relationship with her to know her taste and estimate her needs.

Recently, my best friend from college gave birth to their first child. I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride and excitement for my friend, that during the time she was in labor and for days afterward, I just couldn't stop thinking about her. This girl who I lived with, talked with late at night, went on countless dinner dates with, worked with, talked about relationships with, spent nights on the town with, and stood up in each other's weddings, was suddenly a mom. When I see the photos of her beautiful baby, I can't help but tear up and beam with joy. This little baby made my best friend a mom. And then my next thoughts went like this...

Whoa. She's a mom! She's never been a mom before! Wait a minute... what do you need when you're a mom? Do you have time to shower? Or eat? Or feel pretty? Do you need cute but comfy clothes and big underwear? I have no idea. But she better be taken care of.
*Immediately went shopping*

While I was shopping, I had no idea what I was looking for (because.. you know... I'm not a mom) so I legitimately asked moms who were in the store what my friend would like. It was the cutest thing - they had so much to say! One of them even shopped along side me and pointed out items.
As soon as I left the store with my loot, I shipped it off at the nearest post office. 

I'm so glad that she loved my care package and that she felt cared for and not forgotten. That was my biggest concern: that mama wasn't forgotten.

Now that I've done this once, I want to do it again. I want to make sure my mama friends are loved, cared for, and remembered. I'm just gonna guess that becoming a mom is a pretty big transition, so what better way to help them transition than give them some items for them. Remind them that even though they have this little person that's changed their world for the better, that they shouldn't cross the road into motherhood and forget about their own, individual needs. Besides, how can they care for their sweet babe when they're a mess?

After reaching out to some other moms in my blogging network, here are some ideas of how to care for the new mamas in your life. Pass it on if you think it will help others! :)

Comfortable nightgown:
One that is easy to wear while breastfeeding, too. My own mom recommended this because she was given one of these and it made her feel prettier and slightly less frumpy.

With the smell of poop, diaper cream, and spit-up lingering around, it's nice to have a candle going to bring a clean/nice smell to your home. A little luxury!

Luxury shampoo and conditioner:
If mama can even squeeze a shower into her day, having something extra special to use will feel pampering.

Big water bottle with a straw:
Many times they'll only have one hand to eat or drink, so a water bottle that holds a lot (so they don't have to refill all the time) with a straw will be extra helpful. From what I understand, breastfeeding makes women super thirsty and hungry! Heck, even if she's not breastfeeding, this will make life so much easier.

High waisted yoga pants:
A mom in the store recommended this one. That high band just holds things in and offers more comfort. She also said it became her uniform and she totally embraced it!

Loose, comfy sweatshirt:
More-so if baby was born in the winter. One that is easy to breastfeed with or throw on with their new yoga pants and take a trip to the store.

One-handed snacks:
Going along with the water bottle, those mamas get the munchies and having healthy, fast, one-handed snacks is a life-saver. Maybe something they can pour into a bowl and leave next to their feeding chair all day would be nice. Do you live nearby? Bring her some cleaned fruit, shelled nuts, granola, chopped veggies, cheese sticks/cubes, etc...

Most people probably already own slippers, but if you're like me, you keep the same raggedy ones for years. Get them some new ones! Also nice if they have a rubber bottom and can run outside to check the mail in.

Not pictured

  • Favorite candy
  • Gifts cards to movie streaming services or Redbox (for long feedings!)
  • Amazon gift card. Because they have everything.
  • Maid service gift certificate. Let them schedule it themselves so it's convenient for them. Merry Maids is nationwide, I believe. I worked as a Merry Maid for half a summer, and though it was seriously the worst job of my life, they're incredibly thorough. Like, they clean your floors by hand - no joke.
  • Coffee for that sleepy mama! Bring her some for her coffee maker... and maybe a fresh cup straight from Starbucks. 
  • Spa day
  • Postpartum belly band 
  • Homemade freezer meals
  • Disposable plates and cutlery
  • Cute granny-panties!
  • Nice hand lotion
  • Facial cleansing cloths
  • Dry shampoo
  • Body lotion with collagen and vitamin E
  • Mini toothbrushes to keep in their purse (ones with toothpaste built-in)
  • Bottled water (keep a few bottles in every room and in a purse)
  • A baby sling
  • Devotional book
  • Set up a mealtrain
  • If you're local, offer to pop over and do chores or take care of baby while she sleeps
  • Take her out for coffee or lunch and let her talk about anything she wants - whether it's baby related or not.
  • Coupons for free babysitting!
  • Possibly: thick underwear pads and cooling packs for 'down there' - give her a variety of pads/liners. Tuck pads.
  • Essential oils (if she's into them)
  • Books by a good author

If she's breastfeeding

Are you positive she's breastfeeding? Is she able to breastfeed? Make sure you know the answer to that question before you buy her a ton of things geared towards that. If you don't know the answer and would rather not ask, try the suggestions above!

  • Stool softener, prunes, lube, and good lip balm. Your body liquids can dry up, so these things help supplement that loss.
  • Nursing tank tops
  • Nursing pads (gel ones too)
  • Coconut oil for sore/cracked nipples
  • Nursing bras - also ones for sleeping
  • Cooling pads

Check out this site for some nice breastfeeding products.

For the dads

Don't forget this sweet guy! If you think moms are forgotten, these guys are invisible! Yes, yes, it is mostly about mom and baby, but this is a major life adjustment for him too. He could use some love.

  • Gift cards for food
  • Beer (if he's into that)
  • His own copy of an informational baby book
  • Funny baby books about poop, toots, burps for him to read to the baby soon ;) (I loved this idea - so funny!)

Special thanks to the super awesome, sweet ladies from The Peony Project who offered their knowledgable advice on this list - you mamas are wonderful!

What else would you add? I loved this conversation in The Peony Project group and I thought it was so helpful for people like myself who has no idea what it's like to have a baby. Even some soon-to-be moms were following the conversation and getting awesome ideas! Yay for community! Let me know what else :)

Since I am always transparent with my readers, occasionally, affiliate links are also used in my posts which means I may receive a commission from sales generated by them. Some of the above are Amazon affiliate links. However this comes at no extra cost to you and I would never condone a product I didn't personally believe to be of good quality or price. Extra thanks to you for purchasing through one of these links as it helps bloggers immensely!