A Nostalgic Bathtime Routine

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We all have those things that make us nostalgic. They are usually little things that take you right back to a memory. A smell… a song… an item.

One of those things for me, is JOHNSON’S® Baby.

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I was so excited when I saw the opportunity to work with them and write this post, because their products are the first thing I think of when I think “baby smell.” This brand holds such a sweet place in my heart, and it’s a brand I’m loyal to. In case you hadn’t heard, JOHNSON’S® products are new and improved - inside and out. They nixed 50% of their ingredients, making them simpler and even more gentle than before.

I was the youngest of seven kids, so I don’t necessarily think of JOHNSON’S® Baby when I myself was a child (as I wouldn’t really remember), but I know my mom used it. For me, the nostalgia is attached to when I became an aunt. As the youngest, my older siblings got married and started their families when I was still in grade school. I was only thirteen years old when my first niece came along. I would visit their houses and JOHNSON’S® Baby was there by the sink or tub. They would come visit grandma and grandpa’s house and I would watch my mom bathe her grandbabies in the kitchen sink and watch over her shoulder. I watched her go through the motions with such ease - as if it were just muscle memory. What else was always a part of that process? JOHNSON’S® Baby - particularly their Head-to-Toe wash.

Johnson's head-to-toe

One of the sweetest moments after we brought our son home, was his first sink bath. My parents were here, helping with everything, while I continued to recover. I asked my mom to give Silas his first bath because I wanted her to re-teach me (since it had been years since I really watched her), and he was so little I was nervous! Seeing my mom, the old pro she is, give my baby his first bath using that nostalgic smelling soap was beyond precious. Let me break down how baths work around here...

  1. My mom always encourages sink baths because they’re just the right size for a baby, it saves your back from bending over a tub, and it’s super easy clean-up.

  2. Bring the water to a lukewarm temperature so as not to scald sweet baby skin or frighten them with hot water, and fill the sink with just enough water to comfortably cover them.

  3. Then, she taught me to wrap baby in a thin receiving blanket to keep him contained and give you a better grip as you bathe him.

  4. Slowly lower their wrapped little body into the water, allowing them to adjust to the temperature and feel as you lower.

  5. Unwrap one arm, and gently wash that shoulder, arm, chest, and neck (get in those rolls!) using JOHNSON’S® Head-To-Toe Baby Wash on your fingers. Make it a calm, quiet environment. I typically dim the lights and put on some calming music. Also, I’d just like to mention how awesome it is to have a pump on the bottle. With one arm holding Silas, that little feature makes a huge difference.

  6. Re-wrap that arm, and do the same on the other.

  7. Then move onto the hair, gently massaging the scalp and getting behind those little ears. Rinse gently.

  8. Using a soft washcloth, I wet it and get just a drop of soap lathered in before gently wiping baby’s face, and then going over it once more so as not to leave any soap behind.

  9. Then I move onto those little leg nooks and crannies, private areas, and in between his little toes.

  10. Lastly, I carefully drape his arms over my arm, and get him crouched on his knees while I clean his back and bottom.

    He spends a few minutes playing, splashing, and kicking and then I wrap him up in his towel and bring him to the nursery.

This is my favorite part…

  • On his changing table, I make sure he's nice and dry and we giggle and smile all the while. We get his diaper on and then do a relaxing baby massage using JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Lotion. Again, the smell is just so sweet and calming - it's that perfect baby smell! He happily lets me work from legs, to tummy, arms, and back while we listen to soothing music and smile. This lotion is enhanced with relaxing Naturalcalm aromas to help soothe baby before bed. It’s specially designed for babies who are ready to start sleeping longer.

  • Finally, I use the JOHNSON’S® COTTONTOUCH™ Newborn Face and Body Lotion on his sweet face and top it all off with some kisses on that baby soft skin.

If you haven't checked out JOHNSON’S® products lately, I encourage you to do so. They are new and improved - inside and out, 100% gentle, free of parabens, phthalates, dye free, sulfate free, and worry free. Even with all their new improvements (50% fewer ingredients!), they still take me back to those little baby days of my nieces and nephews. It’s so precious to use those same products now on my own baby, and it fills me up to see him adore bathtime.

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CVS Johnson's

How do you do bathtime at your house? Did your mom/grandma/sister/friend teach you any helpful tips to make the transition from bathtime to bedtime a cinch? Did your mom use JOHNSON’S®? I’d love to hear your stories!