Cancun, Mexico

Almost three short years ago, less than 24 hours after we said our vows, Tom and I landed in Cancun, Mexico for a weeklong honeymoon.

Our time there was, blissful, in a word... and today I thought I'd give you all a peek down memory lane.

Tom and I didn't live together before getting married, so spending a week waking up to each other, getting ready together, and *ahem* other things... felt beautifully earned. We drank and ate all the things. We took a ton of photos. We watched the sun set and rise over the ocean. We read. Talked. Laughed a ton. And shamelessly people watched. It's a week I would never trade for anything... and to think... we almost skimped and decided to go a really lame route! (I talked Tom into the Cancun route and he still thanks me). We loved our resort and the overall ease of the trip and hope to take a vacation like it again sometime soon! .....after we renovate our kitchen....

Things to note about this trip:

  • We drank about 100 chunky money's collectively.
  • I contracted a horrible canker sore (we think?) on the back of my throat and we took pictures of it growing all week... and it promptly disappeared upon arriving home. It was terribly painful and made eating very difficult. To the point that Tom started soaking my tortilla chips in salsa before handing them over to me to eat. Hahahaha... we laughed about this a lot.
  • I found out that I love papaya.
  • Tom got burned to a crisp on the first day, so we had to find areas where we could sit side by side - him in the shade, me in the sun :)
  • One of the bartenders created a coffee with some sort of peanut butter creamer and we have been trying to duplicate it ever since. Best. EVER.
  • We love all inclusive resorts now.
  • Eating breakfast while overlooking the ocean is my favorite.
  • Rooftop views of the ocean are something of dreams.
  • As we were descending into Cancun, Tom's passport went missing. The woman next to us was so kind to try and help us search through all our bags. I was fully prepared to leave him behind. ... but thankfully, I found it between the seat and airplane wall. You can guess who got passport duty after that!
  • By the pool, they had a buffet for in between lunch and dinner. Again, the things of dreams, people.
  • Room service and eating in a king sized bed.
  • Drinking alcohol at anytime of day.
  • Watching the awesome Greek family and their shenanigans. They joined in with the dancing entertainment and it was wonderful.
  • The nicest employees. So soooo nice.

Where we stayed: GR Caribe Deluxe. It was tastefully decorated in a Moroccan theme. The nice thing was that you also had access to its 'sister resort' next door and could eat there as well. But their guests couldn't use ours :) We truly had such an incredible time and really got to know the staff and waiters who went above and beyond. 

It's so fun to look back and reminisce about this trip. Where did you/would you honeymoon?

TravelJoy Johnson