Garage Laundry Room

This room makes my heart flutter. Why? Because my husband made it juuuustttt for me. He gets the rest of the garage to organize how he pleases, but this is my little corner of bliss. When we moved here, all I asked was that someday we fix up the laundry corner to feel clean, sterile, and welcoming. Before, it felt like every clean sock I dropped on the floor might have sucked up some car oils or a few chunks of saw dust.

This project ended up happening sooner than I had expected, since we moved our tankless water heater to the crawlspace. That switch gave Tom enough room to build a wall and make it feel like its own room.

We went with darker grey walls to better hide any scuffs that garage-life might give it over the years. That cutesy little light is from IKEA and was only $15 (but Tom had to convert it from a plug-in to a switch operated one). Speaking of which, there wasn't even a light near the laundry area to begin with so even that was a huge upgrade. Then, Tom built a shelf. It's basically boxed over two strips of wood on the left and right walls and is very sturdy. We painted it with some white chalk paint and threw on a coat of wax to seal it up. There's an outdoor rug from IKEA as well. Now, it just needs some storage cubes or baskets to complete the look! See the photos for before and afters and just a bunch of glamour shots...

What do you guys think?? 

HouseJoy Johnson