Goodwill Art Transformation

Guys. Stop buying canvas or framed art anywhere else.

We got this canvas at Goodwill for $20. The original sticker was still on the back... $319.

This big fella was 3 feet 9 inches by 5 feet wide. It was perfect for this huge wall in our room that was just begging for a giant piece of art.

If you want to buy a new canvas, this size will run you anywhere from $70 to $100, so we got a huge steal.

I got the idea for this DIY from this post on The Suite Life Designs. I used Martha Stewart slate gray acrylic craft paint and yellow gold metallic.

First, I primed the canvas with plain, old latex primer we had laying around. Then I covered it in slate gray (two coats) and then brushed the gold in. Tom actually did the majority of this project (long arms). My biggest concern was making sure none of the gray (bluish) showed through the majority of the gold... at least until it reached the middle area where the colors actually met.

Overall, we love how it turned out!

What do you think? We thought the "slate gray" seemed a little bluer than we were looking for, but it's growing on us. 

HouseJoy Johnson