My Best Decor Deals

Do you ever peruse Pinterest and see posts about how people made some amazing piece of furniture or decor for pennies on the dollar? Does it sometimes drive you a little crazy because you don't actually have the skills/tools to try your hand at it? Like everything they make for cheap is super pretty, but unattainable for you?

I'm gonna let you in on a secret...

You don't have to be "crafty" to be good at DIY. You just have to know what to look for so that you don't actually have to do much to an item to make it work in your home. Be thrifty! Be picky!

Here are some of my best decor deals - some are used, some are new, but they all serve me well!

Living room carpet: $16

It was brand new from Restore by Habitat for Humanity, and even though it's not the color or pile I'd normally choose, it has served its purpose well and I'll never be upset when it gets ruined because it was so dang cheap!

All our curtains: none are more than $40 for a pair

$30 Master (IKEA)
$20 Wood room (Target)
$20 Guest room (IKEA)
$40 Living room (Tuesday Morning)
Honorable mention: all our curtain rods from IKEA. Cheaper than anywhere and simple.

All our mirrors: none are more than $30

$30 Vanity (IKEA)
$19 Entryway (thrift store - originally priced at $230!)
$15 Guest room (Home Goods)
$10 Full length (Wal-Mart)

Monet print: $6

A Goodwill find, of course! We just cut off the bottom part and framed it. 

Large canvas in our Master: $20

Goodwill again. It was a canvas print we didn't care for, so we primed and painted it into a piece that suits our style. It's about five feet wide and was perfect for the large wall in our bedroom.

Guest room side tables: $11 for both

Goodwill. Yes, again. Solid wood... and with some sanding, a couple coats of paint, and some new hardware, they added the perfect flare to that room.

Blanket basket: $25

Home Goods is always a winner.

Vases: $2 or less

For vases, I think old canning jars of varying sizes are the simplest and prettiest. I'll spread a bouquet across two or three jars of varying heights and sizes to create a fun centerpiece and Goodwill almost always has more if I need them.

There you have it! Just a few of my favorite finds! I'll also tell you that TJ Maxx and Home Goods have the best prices on soft, cozy throw blankets than anywhere else, and you'll be surprised what kinds of gems you can find at Goodwill that need nothing more than a coat of paint. Never be afraid of thrifting!