How Travel Encourages Simple Living

Sometimes when you think of simple living or minimalism, you may picture stark white rooms with tons of hidden storage and spotless surfaces. This is a common myth on the topic. If you think I'm bluffing read my review of the book, The More of Less. There, you'll hopefully understand that simple living looks different for everyone. The whole idea is to remove all the excess that weighs you down and keeps you from truly living the life you're called to live. For some, that may look like a stark white, extremely minimal home, while others may own more - yet both are living an equally satisfying, purpose-filled life. Free of excess. 

* I should also note that I sometimes use the phrase "simple living" and "minimalism" interchangeably. Some could argue differences, but I try to practice them equally. As in, I try to practice minimalism as part of my simple living efforts.

When you travel, regardless of why, you're expanding your horizons and your experience base. No, not the kind of experiences you put on a resume (though, maybe you're traveling for work - which really could add to your career experiences), but experiences of the heart and soul.

When you travel, you see and hear and taste and touch, the beauty of God's creation. Whether that be in the form of rising hills, mountains and forests, or in sweeping skies across oceans, fields, and plains. Even if your travels are nothing more than a flight, a jammed packed weekend, and another flight home, you're experiencing the richness of a full life. One of blessings (or maybe trials) of all measures.

When you travel, you are reminded that the things in this life that we hold dear are not things at all, but instead people, places, moments, and memories. They are the words that your friend offers that you never forget, because it was their words that helped lift the fog from your grieving heart. They are the loving kisses experienced overlooking seaside views or snowy nights. They are the reverberating sounds of laughter over delicious meals shared among family and friends. They are in the sweet intoxication of a memory revisited through the smells of a familiar place or the taste of an age-old recipe.

When you travel, you 'look up' from the technology that ensnares us and instead grasp the wonder of a tangible world. Of bright sun and cooling winds. Of warm hugs and breathtaking sunsets. You catch the glances and smirks and amazement on the faces of those dearest to your heart.

When you travel, your troubles and worries fade. Because sometimes it only takes the simple act of a deep breath of fresh air, coupled with God's reminders of His plans for you, to clear your heavy heart or mind.

When you travel, and you can travel every day if you'd like, you're reminded of what defines "enough." That you're enough, and that your life is filled to the brim. All you have to do is notice. And if you ask me, noticing is a pretty simple act.