Makeup Favorites : Volume 1

Hi guys!

I'm trying something out today just for kicks.

almost 21 year old Joy

Little background:
I was looking at old pictures, and started to realize my "evolution of makeup routines." Like, I didn't wear a spot of foundation until late into college - as in, junior or senior year - so really, I've only been wearing a "full face" of makeup for about five or six years! And until recently, I have only ever used ONE brand/type of foundation.

(Can we take a moment to appreciate that dorm photo from just before my 21st birthday? Nothing but some eye makeup and concealer. Those were the days...)

So just for fun, I'm sharing with you the products I use every day, along with a time-lapse video of my routine. Sometimes I skip a step, sometimes I get a little more fancy, but this shows pretty well how I go about makeup right now. The products may change as soon as next month, but so far, I like what I've got. Most of it you can buy at Target or Walgreens, but I must admit, my beauty guru blogging buddy, Christine (Simply Stine), has shown me the dark side of beauty stores like Sephora, The Cosmetic Market, and Ulta. Haha - she's great though, and lets me take baby steps ;)

This will change. Just like it has already changed from six years ago, but even if just for my own reference, it'll be fun to see what happens as the years go on. Like what continues to work for me, what I get better at, and what I leave to the youths. I hope you guys enjoy! Leave me a comment and let me know if you'd like more like this.

I have oily skin, so you may notice in my routine that I use more powder based products, and fewer creamy ones. I've personally found that as the day progresses (or a couple of hours pass) my matte powder look turns dewy... which is fine with me! Creamy based products start to give me shine almost immediately, so I stay away from them since they never last long on me and start melting off.

Anyways, here's the product breakdown:

$13.60 $18.00

The order I use them:

  1. Face primer
  2. Foundation (with a latex free makeup wedge)
  3. Under-eye concealer
  4. Pressed powder
  5. Bronzer
  6. Translucent setting powder
  7. Eye primer
  8. Eye shadow
  9. Eyebrows and lower lash line (using shadow)
  10. Eye liner (upper lash line)
  11. Mascara
  12. Lipstick

If I had to choose some favorites, my Smashbox eyeshadow palette is up there. Even though it was far more pricey than I'm normally willing to spend, it's going to last me such a long time, I love the variety of colors that stay within neutral parameters, and it gives me so much to play with! Plus, I use it as a bottom lash liner and eyebrow filler. It rocks my face off. Literally.
My second favorite would be the tubal mascara. My lashes are not long, so I always tend to go for something lengthening. This literally creates "tubes" of mascara on your lash hairs. If you think it's a gimmick, when you wash your face, you can literally gently pull the tubes off and see them in your fingers. Sounds weird, but now I'm kind of addicted. HAHA.
Also, that dang ELF eye primer is THE BOMB. Since I started using it several years ago, I have never gotten a crease. It's amazing.

Here's a little time lapse of me doing my makeup exactly how I normally do:

Thanks for watching and reading, friends! This was fun for me to do, and I hope you enjoyed it - let me know in the comments!