Travel Playlist + Wishlist

Since you've heard me talk about restlessness, as well as ways to remedy this without constantly jumping ship, I thought I'd give you a playlist and a dreamy little wishlist of places to visit. Whether by plane, train, roadway, or boat, here are some places I hope to get to in the next century. 

But first, some music to set the tone:

(Be aware, I'm big on indie, folksie music with a small smattering of pop. I really held myself back and somehow only included one Coldplay track)

Now for the travel wishlist:

  •  Greece

This has always been my number one. I just feel like the culture, food, views, and history would suit my interests more than anywhere else. Photos of Santorini give me all the heart eyes.

  • The Italian, French, and UK countrysides

Sure, Rome, Paris, and London would be neat, but I have so much more fascination for the true culture of these places. I picture those larger cities as the equivalent of people visiting New York City and saying they've been to the U.S. They missed the plains, the mountain ranges, desert climates, etc... So if I visit these places, I want to see the real deal.

  • Alaskan cruise

Honestly, I have no desire to go on any other cruise. I've just heard the Alaskan cruises are phenomenal. They're the only ones I've never heard negative reviews on. Plus, I feel like the fish would be really delicious onboard.

  • India

Since moving to Atlanta, Tom and I have met a lot of people from India (and we've also fallen in love with their food). Since college, I have wanted to learn more about Indian culture, and we both decided a trip to India would be incredible. On one condition: we'd have to go with Indian friends who could show us real India. We would feel so lost and nervous without a guide of some sort (language barriers, etc..) so having a trusted person there to show us their home country would be fun. Probably for them too!

  • Australia and New Zealand

My mom was born in Australia so seeing that area would be really amazing. New Zealand, I gotta admit, because I'm a total nerd and I want to see all the Lord of Rings stuff. HAHA. Okay, and it looks so breathtaking. 

  • The East coast of the U.S.

Now that we live near the East coast, I'm hoping we can roadtrip it all the way up through Maine one of these days! There are only about a thousand stops I'd want to make, but I think it would be such a memorable trip. Especially with that playlist!

  • Finland

I am half Finnish, and I have intense pride about it. Suomalainen sisu! This was a phrase my grandma taught us that is loosely translated into "Finnish guts" or "Finnish perseverance" and I love saying it :) I think the Finnish language is so beautiful and I can always tell when I hear a Finnish accent, because my grandma had one. Here's a video of some guy speaking in Finnish (I believe he's listing 101 reasons why being Finnish is great... but I could be wrong).

  • The Seychelles Islands

There are numerous beach destinations around the world, but The Seychelles have always drawn me in. It's definitely not the cheapest option, but I can imagine the views would be worth it!

I could add hundreds of other places, so maybe I'll have to release my destination wishlist in volumes. What about you? Where would you most like to travel?