Minimalist Style | 3

I love having a minimal wardrobe and it definitely forces me to get creative, but sometimes I just want to wear something else. Something I haven't worn a thousand times over, and feels "new to me." Well, those are the moments it's nice to sneak into the husband's side of the closet and steal his clothes! Haha - am I alone in this?! Depending on what I steal, he either loves it or gets irritated, but I can't help it - his clothes are the comfiest!

In today's example, I'm showing you how I style a typical men's t-shirt three different ways. It's been a while since I've snuck this particular shirt of his (we used to fight over it, and I finally gave it back up to his keeping), but I just think men's t-shirts are the best for styling purposes.

Minimalist Style | 1
Minimalist Style | 2

Here are my easy outfits broken down:

1. Patterned pants, flats
2. Flowy skirt, necklace, heels
3. Jeans, belt, hat, flats

Boyfriend/husband/oversized tees are so easy and fun to style. You could also throw on a cardigan, shorts, and sandals. Or a maxi skirt, skinny belt, floppy hat, and sandals. So many amazing options out there, but below are just a few to get your wheels turning. Go "steal" that hubby's t-shirt!

Excuse my little photo bomber :) Hope you enjoyed these simple ideas!

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