Minimalist Style | 1

Bear with me, folks. I know I don't share style or beauty related posts very often. This is mostly due to the fact that I've always felt it would be expensive (and I'm thrifty). You know, all the trends, the time, the hair and makeup products, etc...

I have a personality that can easily get caught up in those types of things and fall down a rabbit hole. Note: I may be a minimalist, but it is not without effort in some regards! There are some material things that I never have an interest in owning a lot of, but other material things can become highly addictive for me to start collecting. Clothes are one of them. However, our small bedroom closet has largely kept me from overdoing it there.

That being said, I also don't have a need for a lot of clothes either. I have what I'll call an "accidental capsule" wardrobe. It includes mostly basics, a few semi-trendy items, and lots of neutrals. To keep things feeling fresh, I'm going to challenge myself to mix-up my outfits a little more often and get creative in my closet.

Real quick today, I'm going to share just three different ways to wear a printed dress. All of these ideas are stupid simple, but I tend to always wear this dress alone, so this was actually really mixed up for me! 

I realize these outfits are not earth shattering, but since leaving college, I've put very little thought into my outfits. This was fun for me to do, and I think I'll try to share more simple outfit pairings in the coming months!

Is there anything on this topic you'd like to see? How to dress up yoga pants perhaps? haha :)

No, but really. If this is a topic you'd like me to cover more often, let me know in the comments! I wouldn't mind a little extra excuse to hit the mall now and again, and I'd like to feel more confident in my fashion choices and not fall behind the times.