November | 2016

Hello lovelies!

This month has been refreshingly calm. We've had several free weekends, few weeknight plans, and a general sense of a "calm before the storm." The next couple of months we have zero free weekends, so we've soaked up this past month pretty nicely, I think. Here's the happenings from our November:

  • We had a ton of leftover Halloween candy, so Tom hid it all over our downstairs level one day while I was in the shower. I've been finding it in pockets, my purse, vases, drawer organizers, behind a wall clock (yeah, that was a lucky guess), and I'm still finding them. They're everywhere. And he's been laughing as I make an assessment from across the room like, "Oh. You put a handful in that vase. I can tell by looking at it because the flowers are placed differently than before." ... of course, he's laughing because I'm anal like that and completely spot on. Yes, there was candy in the vase.
  • We got our cars washed. This seems trivial, but on our last roadtrip, I dumped orange juice out the window and it sprayed all over the passenger side of Tom's car and got all sticky and disgusting. He wasn't super thrilled with me about that, especially since I had claimed I had done this many times (liar).
  • We met some friends at a festival in Atlanta and braved the public transit to and from. I'm weird and actually secretly love janky public transit systems, so it was a fun day with cold beer, good chats, and adventure!
  • We had a spontaneous date night at the most precious Italian restaurant ever with live jazz music singers and the yummiest lasagna.
  • I tried to dye my hair a shade or two lighter and nothing happened! It looks exactly the same! 
  • We saw Fantastic Beasts and were.... underwhelmed! Sadly. I think we need to snag the book to get a better feel for the story, but we thought the characters all desperately lacked dimension. There was very little dialogue, and when there was, it was so monotone that we couldn't really fall in love with the story-line.
  • I spent a a few hours offering moral support to Autumn while she ran her first booth for Stay Gold Candles and we had a great time! She sold a good amount, and then we went to Waffle House (as usual haha). Seriously, guys, I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but her candles are so amazing and make great stocking stuffers. Plus, I think it's important to support small business owners, so go check out her shop in the link above.
  • We snagged a new king duvet and coverlet for our bedroom. This local thrift store carries old Target inventory that didn't sell, so it's all brand new!
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving as just the two of us. We hung around in our own house, in our comfies, cooked together, and had a genuinely perfect day. Being able to ditch our snug pants after dinner was also a plus - haha! We've been wanting to do cornish hens for some time, now, so it was fun to finally try them. They turned out amazing!
  • Stores started carrying Christmas inventory near the beginning of November, so of course my name is predominantly lit everywhere we go... much to my narcissistic pleasure.
  • We casually bought a new vacuum on Black Friday to prepare us for a little four legged creature that will come home with us in a few weeks (more on that soon). Then we wandered into Sam's Club where I found a stuffed animal just my size (and no, we did not actually buy it).
  • Finally... we got our very first DSLR and we are soooo elated with it. I used to dabble in photography as a hobby, but sold off my little digital camera in college when I needed money more. Then my sweet husband bought me a camera during our engagement, but I never really cared for it, so the poor thing hardly got used and we recently sold it. This new camera was a long time coming, I think, and now we're worried that we're going to have to buy TWO cameras because we have loved shooting with it already and may start fighting over it - haha! I'll post a little review of sorts later on, but if you look in my sidebar, you'll see the camera and one of the lenses we purchased (in case you might be looking for yourselves). 

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November was so fun and relaxing. It came with some high and lows, but more than anything I can't wait for January and I am dyingggg to tell you more, but I want to wait. "Fluffy, adorable, and giant" have something to do with it though!

links to explore

  • Autumn just shared a hilarious story of some plumbing issues they recently faced and it had me cracking up. Let's just say it involved a lot of pee. 
  • I've had this song playing on our house speakers super loud for weeks. No regrets. 
  • This Youtuber absolutely cracks me up. She and her boyfriend are super hilarious and I get excited every time I see a new video by her. 
  • I love Erin's ideas for creating holiday traditions with your spouse!

How was your month? That busy time of year is upon us, and I've already got almost the entire month scheduled out. No free weekends, weeknights are filling fast, and travel. We look forward to what December will bring :)