These are a Few of Our Favorite (Amazon) Things

Tom and I are self-proclaimed "bad gifters." We're not very thoughtful when it comes to gifts, and mostly we hate feeling like we're just giving people more junk... which usually, we are, because we don't know what to get anyone.

So today, instead of coming up with a well thought-up "gift guide," I'm just going to show you a bunch of our favorite purchases on Amazon and maybe you'll find something listed here that might be nice for a family member, friend, or even yourself! Many of my favorite gifts, have been items that other people have given us that are tried and true in their own homes. We all have our "favorite things," but sometimes those have become your favorites, because they were someone else's. My favorite kitchen gadgets, for example, have often become my favorites because they were my mom's favorites first.
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Joy's Favorites

Robe: I actually recently ordered this to wear in the hospital after baby comes. It's super soft and cozy, so I know it was the right choice.
Watch: I like cheap watches because I only wear them as accessories occasionally, and can easily switch up the style when I get tired of one. This is my current favorite!
Movie: A great Shakespeare classic with an insanely amazing cast.
Slippers: I'm a sucker for fuzzy, bootie slippers and these are my pick for this year!
Heat resistant case: Perfect for traveling when you use hot styling tools and then need to pack them right away.
Laptop sleeve: Light and basic, but protective.
Popsocket: Don't make fun of me... I love this stupid thing! Makes holding your phone so much easier. Especially when you have small hands in comparison to your device!
Camera organizer: A great, padded, structured organizer that you can move from one bag to another so easily.
Camera strap: It seems expensive for a camera strap, but it truly is the BEST. It's high quality and it adjusts lengths so quickly. I seriously think every person with a nice camera NEEDS this strap. Such a great product!

Tom's Favorites

Sunglasses: Tom is picky about his shades, and these ended up being just perfect!
Pens: I know it seems random, but since he does a lot of sketching for his work and note-taking, these pens are awesome. People always want to steal them from him, and for a while, we legitimately used to hoard them from one another haha! They're fine-tipped, and well, just trust me, they're worth what I'm cracking them up to be.
Watch: He used to wear a smart watch, but he got tired of charging it and just wanted something extremely basic for Europe. Now, he wears it It's super cheap, but it's thin, and looks nice. He gets comments on it all the time (which I think is so funny since he works in tech, and it's just a basic Casio).
Laptop backpack: I vouch for this. He used to accidentally leave stuff at home and would spend so much time rummaging through his backpack for stuff. But this bag is super structured, comfortable, high quality, and sleek. It has organizational places for everything. He loves this thing, and it genuinely keeps him super organized.
Down jacket: He ordered this for layering on our Europe trip and now wears it all the time at home. Lightweight but warm!

Hondo's Favorites

Well, these are our favorite things FOR Hondo I guess, but you can also check out our other favorites for him here: Products We Love for Our Large Dog.
Car Hammock: It just comes in very handy for protecting our seats and keeping him contained in the car. Heavy duty, too!
Hair removers: Tom's parents sent us one of these and they are AMAZING. Does what a lint roller does, but MUCH better and minus having to go through a thousand sticky sheets. These things are seriously magical and I recommend them to everyone!
Stretchy toy: Basically indestructible. He loves this toy and it also doesn't yank your arm from its socket if he tries to play tug-of-war with you!

There you have it! A few of our favorite (Amazon) things. What're some of yours?! I love how Amazon is a world of endless possibilities and ideas and cool gadgets, and I just love hearing what kinds of every day items other people can't live without.

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