Our Favorite Products for the Newborn Phase

I know, I know - my content is very baby focused these days. We're really in the thick of this "new parent" thing, lately, and we're discovering what works for us and what doesn't, so along the way I'm taking note of what's been particularly helpful in terms of products.

To be honest, when we started looking for baby stuff, I was super overwhelmed with the amount of products out there. Seriously... there has to be at least a gazillion different carseats! I had to do a lot of sifting through to find what was necessary, minimalist, and useful. I've been pleasantly surprised by some of the new products on the market! I say "new products" because I think I had in my mind that I'd use the same things my parents or my older siblings used for their kids. But some of the latest products are pretty amazing! 

In this post I'm simply going to list off all the products we've found to be worth mentioning and why in this 4th Trimester (as they call it.. for good reason). The prices vary from a few bucks, to a little more expensive, but they all have a place in our home during these first months, so maybe you'll find them to be helpful in your home too!

I'll link all these products at the bottom of the post, so if you want to skip my commentary, scroll on down.

1. LugBug Carseat Handle

This was one of those serendipitous blogging moments. Tom and I had been talking about how ergonomically awkward carseat handles are, and I kid you not, two days later LugBug reached out to me asking if I'd like to try their carseat handle and share it with you. This is a game-changer, guys! It's simple, but totally solved the carseat handle dilemma in seconds. Since, I'm short (5'1"), it doesn't help me a whole lot because it makes the distance from the carseat to the ground a bit close (just being honest), but Tom is our carseat-carrier, so it's perfect for him! He loved it immediately.

2. Carseat Fan

Silas (like a lot of babies) is such a little furnace. Plus, Nashville gets super hot in the summer, so to help keep his temperature regulated, I picked up one of these fans on Amazon. It's been SO helpful and a lot of older people stop us and comment on what a smart thing that is to have. It's rechargeable, has a controllable blade speed, it rotates in any direction, and clips on easily to his seat. As a bonus, the sound of it soothes him!

carseat fan

3. Calmoseptine Ointment (for diaper rash)

A nurse friend gave me this stuff and it's a miracle worker. Seriously. Clears up diaper rash or irritation super fast.

4. Diaper station

I like these wood cubbies because I can move them around however I need. They could even get screwed onto the wall and used for a different purpose later on. Multi-functional and nice looking!

diaper holder

5. DockATot

Read my review on it here. Pictured above. We love this thing and use it all day and night. It's worth the price, people. Our baby lovessss this thing.

6. Diaper changing mats

They are just cheap, waterproof, machine washable mats that save you from having to wash your changing pad covers all the time. Believe me, you'll run into some messes and be glad you had one!

7. Sleepers with bottom zipper

Target carries footie pajama sleepers (Cloud Island brand) that have the zipper connect at the neck so that to unzip, you start at the feet. It makes diaper changes much easier.

8. Freezer meals

Okay, not really a baby product, but I'm extremely happy we made so many freezer meals before Silas arrived. We have yet to actually cook something for dinner, and Silas is inching towards two months old! We finished our freezer meals MINUTES before my water broke. Talk about timing! I put them off a little longer than I should have - haha

9. Water bottle

Breastfeeding or not, I'm so glad I have a big water bottle with a straw. It's with me everywhere I go and reminds me to stay hydrated. Since I do happen to be breastfeeding, I get parched pretty fast, so it's important to always be sipping some water.

10. Coconut oil

In the hospital, they gave me some olive oil to use on my nipples for breastfeeding, and while it's good, it's obviously super liquid-y and it's sort of annoying if you drip any. Coconut oil has been amazing for chapped or dry nipples, but also for Silas's chapped lips! Bonus that it's a natural remedy (and has that hint of coconut smell)!

11. Netflix

Need I say more? Feedings happen a LOT at this stage, and sometimes it gets pretty boring to just sit there with only one arm free. Netflix (or other streaming services) have been a must.

12. Moses basket and rocking stand

Not only is it aesthetically really cute, this set has been amazingggg at night. The height of the basket is right up to the edge of the bed which made it so much easier to grab him in the night while recovering from surgery. At this point, he does all his sleeping in it, and being able to soothe him with a little rocking motion is really nice.

13. Touch lamp

Such a lifesaver next to his changing station. When your hands are full, being able to tap the lamp super quick is really helpful. 

touch lamp

14. Lorena Canals blanket

Tom wanted me to mention this one specifically from his opinion. He's pretty picky about blankets, because he really likes a good heavy blanket for weight and warmth. This one from Lorena Canals is woven/knit. He's normally not a fan of those types of blankets because they tend to be too breathable, but he said he loves this one. It's the only blanket like that, that he honestly sleeps under really comfortably. Plus it's plenty long (he's 6'4") so he can cozy up under it, and rock Silas (and himself) to sleep with ease. We both love having an adult sized blanket for the nursery, and it never leaves the chair. It's also machine washable, eco friendly with natural dyes, and handmade. It's absolutely beautiful and gets BOTH Tom and my stamp of approval for being a great nursery asset! Lorena Canals also carries other home and children's room pieces, including machine washable rugs. Isn't that amazing?? They have these really gorgeous rugs that you can actually wash! Anyways, like I always say, I'd never tell you guys something was great if I didn't truly think so, and this blanket is no exception. I weirdly look forward to using it every chance I get :) This blanket was sent to me courtesy of Lorena Canals.

lorena canals blanket

15. IKEA baby gym

You know me, miss minimalist! I like this baby gym because it's soft, simple, but still has tastefully colorful toys. There are also cute little tee-pee style wood set baby gyms, but for once I decided to go with something more colorful, yet still minimal. The bottom is well padded, which is also really nice. It easily folds up and can be put away when not in use. Plus, it's on the cheaper side of most baby gyms at only $30.


16. Muslin blankets

We've used these light blankets for just about everything. They've caught spit up, been used as swaddles, been used as a nursing cover, a blanket to hold Silas in the bath, and more. They're an awesome multi-purpose product, and I'm glad we got so many as gifts!

17. Diaper backpack

I'm honestly not one for big totes, so way before Silas came along, I knew a backpack would be the best route. Plus, Tom doesn't look weird carrying it. The one we have is meant for use as a diaper bag, so the compartments are perfect - I love this thing! Plus, you can't beat the price.

diaper backpack

18. Dapple bottle soap

Seems unnecessary, but one of my friends suggested this soap and I have to say it's actually really nice. Cleaning breastmilk or formula out of bottles can be difficult as they sometimes leave a film. This soap has left all my breast pump parts sparkling clean with just a quick wash.

19. Small dish basin

Haha okay. My mom made me steal this from the hospital and I was really embarrassed about it, but she swore I'd use it all the time.... and as moms usually are, she was right! I use it for washing all the bottles, pumping parts, etc... It's been a really handy little thing! It's smaller than most dishwashing basins, but that's what's particularly nice about it. It's cheap and flimsy, so just steal one from the hospital, otherwise I linked what looks like the exact same one below. 

20. Nose Frida

Yup. It's true. This dang thing is everything people crack it up to be. It's a million times better than the bulbs, and believe me when I say I'm a HUGE skeptic about most popular things. Worth every.single.penny.

I know there are plenty more products we love right now, and will love in the future depending on Silas's age/stage... but these are our current favorites. Scroll on down, and I'll link them below! 

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