Third Trimester Recap

Phew! It feels like AGES since I wrote my second trimester recap! Here we are though, in the final stretch. I'm writing this at 38 weeks purely because I have no clue what'll happen in the next few weeks... but really, if this guy wants to come early, that is FINE with momma! This trimester was a doozy. Let me expand...


Lightening crotch - He has been head down for a really long time, if not the entire trimester, so the pressure he puts on my nerves down there have been super noticeable.
Body aches and changes - yeah, I'm uncomfy. Backaches, puffy feet and sometimes hands, sitting just feels like you're squishing everything, standing makes your legs tired and back hurt, so I've actually found a lot of relief on those stupid exercise balls! I use it as a chair in the house and enjoy bouncing on it - haha! Our birthing class had us try them out, and I'm always such a skeptic about stuff like that, but I legitimately found it helpful, so we ordered one.
Boobs - sometimes I get a stinging feeling which is uncomfortable. Still leaking a bit.
Weird appetite - one minute I'm starving, the next I'm stuffed. I've been a little nauseous, too.
Tired - Some days feel like the first trimester all over again and I could just konk out for hours.
Bad sleep - I sleep like garbage now. Moving on....
Hemorrhoids - yep, no end in sight.
Peeing - only about a thousand times per day and night!
Clear skin - I love my skin right now. It's so low maintenance!
Braxton Hicks - such a weird feeling, and have had times when they're a little uncomfortable, but I don't mind them.
Sciatic nerve pain - oh boy is that a doozy. Pain from your lower back, through your bottom, and down your leg. No thanks!
Leg cramps - basically just Charlie Horse cramps sometimes at night. I've only had maybe three, but they always feel terrible!


Honestly can't say I've had any this trimester.


30 weeks

Third Trimester Journal

I didn't keep track week by week this trimester (oops!), so I'll give you a thorough overview.

Weight gain has honestly been slow and steady. I've gained probably around 25lbs at this point? But to be honest, I don't really care about that and haven't paid much attention. To me, as long as it stayed within healthy parameters and didn't get out of hand, I'd be fine with whatever it ended up coming to. I haven't gained anything astronomical, so I seriously don't even care.


34 weeks

At our 20 week scan, they noticed one of his kidneys had a tiny bit of dilation to it, so they scheduled another scan around 34 weeks to see if it resolved itself or got worse. Well, it doubled, unfortunately, so I got sent to a high risk clinic so we could have them look at it to be safe. We've now had two appointments (and ultrasounds) there, and over two weeks, it went down a little bit. Thankfully, whatever it may be isn't anything we need to worry about and it's apparently very common in boys (10x more common, according to the doc), so since no one else is concerned, neither are we. They'll have it checked out once he arrives, but he's just a healthy little dude otherwise, so it's nothing urgent, and certainly not life threatening, so I'm not worried at all. He probably just needs to pee and hasn't quite figured that out yet ;) Oh and we got to see his hair in those ultrasounds, which is crazy!


35.5 weeks

At around 36 weeks, I got a sinus infection and had to be on amoxicillin to get that under wraps. I'm still completely stuffed up and can't smell or taste a thing, but between pregnancy puffing up my blood flow, and the terrible allergies, this is basically just my life now. I also found out at 36 weeks that I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, and sadly it didn't go any further by the following week.

At the end of 37 weeks, baby measured 7lbs 3oz on an ultrasound. We might have a big guy!

During my 38 week appointment, my blood pressure had gone up a little from my norm, so my doctor told me to watch for more symptoms of preeclampsia (which is not real fun to hear!) and to call if I notice anything different. 

Baby movement is still fun and consistent, but you can definitely tell he's running out of room! Tom and I love seeing my belly morph around when he's got the squirms.

We also took breastfeeding and birthing classes which were informative and also kinda funny (to us). Getting the hospital tour was fun, and getting a few ideas for pain management was useful. We finished some house projects, enjoyed a few dates, celebrated our 5th anniversary, I got my hair done, and packed a hospital bag.

37 weeks

I guess to sum up this trimester, I'd say it was the most apparent in terms of physical changes and the most difficult in terms of discomfort. For example, at this point, sitting in the car (let alone driving) is extremely uncomfy and I basically avoid it as much as I can. Everything feels like such a chore -- getting up from the couch or floor, bending down to pick up something I dropped, taking off/putting on pants or shoes, and getting out of bed a million times a night to pee. Even trying to do the dishes is proving difficult as my belly keeps me and my short arms farther and farther away from the faucet! Don't get me wrong, Tom and I have found a LOT of humor in my lessened capabilities, but it's definitely starting to get old.

It's also probably been the most nerve-wracking trimester. I'm usually a big worrier about medical things, but for some reason, pregnancy hasn't caused me much anxiety... until these last couple weeks. I'm stressed, Tom has an endoscopy, we have some loose ends to get in place before arrival, I'm really wary of a decrease or increase in movement or possible contractions, and I'm just generally nervous/excited. I've really hit the "done point" so I think it's time we get this guy out of my belly.

All that to say... we cannot wait to meet our little boy, and it's hard to believe it'll be so SOON! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

I should also mention, that once he's here, you can expect far and in-between posts for a while as we figure out life with our new bundle, so I appreciate your patience, love, and understanding :) I'll be back to the blog, but I'm not going to pressure myself to jump back in. We have waited so long for this baby, and I know we will just want to soak him in. I'm sure you can all understand that. Just know I love you all and will SO look forward to being back when I'm ready!