What's The Deal with the DockATot?


I received the DockATot compliments of the company

If you've had to make a baby registry in the last couple years, there's no way you could miss the DockATot. It's everywhere you look and seems to be the new most coveted baby product. Why, though? It doesn't seem like anything super groundbreaking, does it? Well, I honestly had some of the same thoughts. It's got to be overrated, right? Especially for the price...


Guys, this thing is amazing.

(If you know me, you also know I never give my stamp of approval on this blog unless I wholeheartedly mean it. So this is my honest review of the DockATot).


When you're looking for items to add to your registry, of course you need to find products that give you the ability to safely put your little one down. Whether it's for them to take a nap, for you to rest your arms, or just a place they can be alert and you don't need to worry about them rolling off a bed or couch. Even a place for some supervised tummy time. The DockATot hits all the marks. It is the primary place of sleep for our little guy. He loves it! We have another very popular product for setting baby down, and he'll choose the DockATot over that thing every time (and when I say "choose" I mean, he'll settle there far easier than the other product).

It comes in two sizes - The Deluxe (0-8 months) and Grand (9-36 months). It was designed in Sweden and is handmade in Europe. It has been tested for breathability and is OEKO-TEX certified. It can be used as a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger.

The other big thing for me, when creating our registry, was finding products that weren't ugly as sin. If you read my minimalist modern registry post, you'll know that I tried to find the least "baby-ish" baby items I could find. I wanted products that were very useful and functional, but would fit into my home's aesthetic. This was honestly really hard (blah - so many ugly baby things!) but I think it ended up being a success in the end. The DockATot obviously fits into that requirement as well. However, for those who like patterns, it does have lots of options for covers.


When do we use it and how?

Day and night. I lay him down for naps in it and place it either on the couch in the living room, or on our bed. This allows me to get work done, and if I choose to nap when he's napping, I know I won't roll over onto him. We also use it at bedtime and it's where he sleeps. In the mornings, he wakes up very alert and happy, and we let him kick and flail in there while we talk to him and interact for a while. For tummy time, we gently rest his arms and head on the side, and let his body curl up in the rest of the DockATot while he practices holding that head up. 

Would I recommend the DockATot?

Yes. 100%. Even my mom, who has her old school ways and tried-and-true mindset on the old versus new products, loved it. When she and my dad were here in the first couple of weeks, she used it constantly and talked about how useful it was. I thought that had some meaning!

I suppose it would depend on what you'd use it for, though. It's our go-to spot for setting him down, but if your baby prefers a bouncy seat or swing, perhaps those would be better for your particular child. We just happen to use it for so many functions that I would say it is worth its weight in gold :)

So that's the "deal" with the DockATot you keep hearing about. It's minimal, functional, and my four week old baby loves it (and clearly so do lots of other babies, considering how popular it has become!). There you have it. My honest review!

Comment below if you have any questions for me regarding the DockATot, or if you also have one and love it too!