Wood Feature Wall

Welcome to "the office"... better known as "the room that happens to have an unused desk in it and so it's laying bare until it one day becomes a nursery." We have a three bedroom house in a split level home - all of the bedrooms fan off from the upstairs landing. This little room currently has no use. However, it will eventually have use, so we puttered with ideas of how we can make it unique while still following suite with our vision to have a brightly lit home. Currently, the entire house tends to follow a brown or dark tan color scheme and we want to go as light, bright, and airy as possible (wait till you see our master). While browsing through Pinterest and Houzz, we came across rooms that had wood accent walls. Wanting to stick to a lower budget, we decided we would ONLY pursue that idea if we could find some wood floor or pallets for cheap.

Only days after making this agreement, I happened upon a ReStore by Habitat for Humanity. Lo and behold, they had unopened boxes of wood flooring for $15 per box (so cheap!!). I called Tom and told him what I found and he raced over on his lunch break to see for himself. There wasn't enough of one color to fill the whole wall, so we settled on two (dark brown and tigerstripe). They are actually real bamboo and much harder than typical wood... and this turned out to be a bit of an issue.

We had no idea how difficult this would prove to be...

First we had to measure and cut all of the boards into smaller pieces. Next, we decided on a "random pattern." Then we put "liquid nails" glue on the back, placed them on the wall, and used a nail gun (with a separate compressor) to attach them to the studs in the wall.

The thing is... we had to go through about four different nail guns before we found one that could handle the hard bamboo. Even the heavy duty gun that needed a mallet to shoot didn't work! Basically, it took over a week to finish this wall because of trial and error. Nevertheless, it is finally done, and we are very happy with the results... but we're more happy that it's just DONE.

What do you think? We painted the walls white, and when colorful decor eventually plays a part in here, it'll stand out so beautifully between the wood and the white. Also, can we just take a moment and appreciate those smooth ceilings? This room is so bright now. We are constantly remarking how dark it seemed and what a bright, fresh coat of paint can do.

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