10 Things That Went Right With Our Wedding

Ages ago, I wrote about all the flubs that happened on or surrounding our wedding... so today, I thought it should be followed up with all the things that went right. Honestly, the majority of it went right, but I'll give you all the highlights!

1. Our venue.
Shortly after we got engaged, Tom and I started casually looking for venues and happened upon an old villa overlooking Lake Michigan. My parents got to make the official decision, but after my mom saw it in person for the first time, it was a done deal. It was absolutely stunning.

2. A morning wedding and brunch reception.
Read this post on why I loved having a morning wedding. In summary, Tom and I, though not morning people, loved our coffee dates and Sunday brunches together. So the overall idea was very fitting, and it was incredibly cost effective for a Saturday.

3. My flowers didn't die.
We got married in Wisconsin, but I got my flowers from Iowa! My parents brought them along, and they had to survive about 24 hours before my wedding even started.

4. Spring weather.
We got married in April, and though it was still a little brown in Wisconsin, I wasn't sweaty! It was a little chilly, but I personally prefer that over sweaty.

5. The food.
Our brunch menu was soooo good. I didn't know for months later, but there were donuts! We had a coffee bar, mimosas, egg bake, fresh fruit, donuts (apparently), pastries, and all sorts of other hot items that I do not even remember. All I know is that people still remember our wedding food because it wasn't chicken or steak.

6. It was small.
Though Tom and I were often the "life of the party" in college, and had a lot of friends and family, we opted for a more intimate wedding with just over 70 guests. It was hard not inviting certain people, but we're glad that we can say we're still close to nearly all our guests.

7. Our attire.
I still adore my wedding dress. My figure was petite and shapely, and my dress accentuated it very well. Tom bought a suit instead of a tux, and I think it was a much better decision. In terms of looks and budget! 

8. We were able to get matching wedding bands.
Tom and I really wanted rose gold wedding bands, but they were nearly impossible to find anywhere. We found Tom's in a secondhand jewelry store, and we had mine made in a vintage jewelry shop. We liked them because they were unique, and because the yellow, white, or dark bands looked weird on Tom's hand. I love that they match and am so grateful we figured out how to find them!

9. My brother officiated.
Tom and I come from families filled with pastors, including both our dads. However, we both agreed that we just wanted our dads to be dads on our wedding, and I asked my brother to officiate instead. He did a wonderful job and it was really special to have him up there and give such a wonderful message of grace, faith, and salvation. It meant a lot and it's one of my favorite parts of the day.

10. We became husband and wife.
There's nothing like being legally and religiously bound to your best friend for the rest of your life! Haha... it really was just the start of an amazing relationship. One where we fall in love more every day. Where we laugh, argue, work things out, laugh some more, make decisions, hug, kiss, tease, surprise, listen, and be each other's constant and life-long best friend. It amazes each of us how much a relationship can gain when it's nourished with God's Word and treated with gratefulness and forgiveness. If I love my future children even half as much as I love Tom (or he loves me), I think they'll be well off :)

What went RIGHT on your wedding?
Also, honorable mention to our photographer that day : James Saleska.

MarriageJoy Johnson