12 Things That Went Wrong With Our Wedding

Weddings are happy, beautiful, joyous occasions. Sometimes, though, things go wrong. Those things could be big (a wedding cake toppling over before it gets sliced) or little (a bridesmaid is a little late for hair-styling). No matter what, the day works out, and in the end, two marvelous people are married and their guests are rejoicing in their new life together. That's what really matters, afterall.

The fact does remain, though... almost every wedding has a few hang-ups. Whether that bridezilla can handle it or not, things go awry. Luckily for you, today I am going to share with you what went wrong on our wedding (or in planning).

  1. We had two hotels listed on our invitations for people to get blocked rooms. Under each hotel was its address... but only after we had them sent out did we realize the addresses were switched. So the first hotel had the other hotel's address underneath it... My husband designed our invitations. 
  2. My wedding shoes were too big and I had to stuff the toes with Kleenex.
  3. After my dad gave me away, I tripped going up the stairs towards the altar and almost fell. There was an audible gasp from all our guests.
  4. Some friends were in charge of getting to the reception early to get centerpieces on the tables, but while family photos were being taken, they called my mom and informed her that all the doors were locked and they couldn't get in. There was some frantic run around, but they got it done before everyone arrived!
  5. After the ceremony, everyone was to go to a gorgeous villa less than ten minutes south of the church. My parents who basically planned the whole wedding (mom, to be exact) put in the reception address on some ancient GPS and went 20 minutes in the complete opposite direction. They held up the reception until we couldn't hold it off any longer, and we started without them. They made a grand entrance when they arrived, of course.
  6. At least my parents being late gave us more time to work on my bustle, because my maid of honor and new sister-in-law could not figure it out! It never ended up looking the way it was supposed to, but I was too busy to notice :)
  7. Our $200 DJ was exactly what we paid for. He played S&M at a brunch. It was bad.
  8. Tom and I were just getting ready to leave the reception. We were going to drive from Milwaukee to Chicago and fly to Cancun in the morning. Suddenly, I realized that my bag of makeup, toiletries, shampoo, etc. had been in my sister's car (who had left about an hour before). Frantically, everyone tried to call her only getting to her voicemail. Thankfully, she and her family had simply gone down the road to see Lake Michigan and were caught before they left town.
  9. We had plans to go to a super unique bar in downtown Milwaukee after the reception and before we left town, to get cool pictures. But since we had a brunch reception, we didn't realize that the bar wouldn't open until 3PM, so we ended up in a weird bowling alley.
  10. On our way to Chicago after the reception, Tom took a wrong turn and we ended up in traffic for much longer than expected. For a couple of newlyweds, that was not fun ;)
  11. As we were descending into Mexico for our honeymoon, Tom couldn't find his passport. We dug through everything we had on board and the nice lady next to me even helped. Thankfully, I found it wedged between the seat and the wall of the plane. I got passport duty after that. And as any good new wife, I told him I would be going to Mexico without him if he didn't find it. Sorry not sorry!
  12. Last but DEFINITELY not least... our marriage license got lost in the mail to the county registrar. It was never found and I couldn't get my name officially changed for a month. We had to get a new "copy" (we'll never have an original) and have it sent around to all our witnesses in the mail and have them resign it. The county was going to charge me an arm and a leg to get copies the same day (after waiting a MONTH and taking vacation time to be there so many times) and I completely lost it at the Milwaukee County Court House, bawling and unable to put together cognizant sentences, and a deputy officer had pity on me and (I think) paid the extra fees. 

Some of these things seemed like such a big deal that day. In retrospect, who cares? Tom and I are married, happy, and about to celebrate our second anniversary. The best part of that day is that it was the start of our life together. And let's be honest, the most memorable parts of our wedding were definitely the screw-ups... 

How about you? Have you witnessed some wedding woes? Did your own wedding have some fails? Let's hear about it!