Our Wedding Was Plan B

Recently I shared this post on my Facebook page about our beautiful morning wedding and brunch reception. It was a gorgeous, picturesque day with an intimate guest list, but it was actually our Plan B.

Originally, we planned to elope!

Tom and I got engaged late in the summer after our college graduation. We were the last children to get married in each of our families, and several of our siblings and others who had been married for a while would often tell us "Just elope! Skip the whole big wedding, save the money, and just get married!"

Well, for once, we thought we'd listen. Though we were the party animals of our friend groups in school, when it came down to it, we just wanted to be married. We didn't need the day to revolve around us, we didn't need a great big party with lots of booze and gifts... we just wanted to be husband and wife.

This, of course, came as a shocker to our family and friends (the few that we told), but after having stood up in so many weddings when money was tight, and traveling to dozens of weddings over the course of two years, we thought we'd be different. We'd save people the hassle, the money, and the travel. We'd tell our parents the plan (even have them at the intimate ceremony), hire a photographer to take normal wedding photos, and then jet off on a honeymoon. Upon our arrival back home, we'd send out surprise announcements of our marriage (which wouldn't be all that surprising since everyone knew we were engaged) with a photo of our elopement, and invite everyone to a reception/party on an upcoming date with a casual, sweet, fun setting.

This plan (to us) was ultra romantic, surprising, happy, and unique. It felt very us. It was unpredictable, off the beaten path, and exciting!

In the end, we realized not everyone saw it that way. We completely understood the feelings of our loved ones and were happy with our Plan B, but boy... don't let anyone tell you a wedding is about you! Haha!

Our Plan B wedding was perfect too. We were engaged for eight months and had our reception at a stunning historic Villa overlooking Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. I'm glad we shared it with family and our closest friends and chose a brunch reception over a party till midnight... not because we aren't the type to dance till our feet fall off (because we definitely are), but because in the end, this union was between God, Tom, and me... yet I know it meant a lot to those who were there to witness it. 

If you want to know the truth though? I'd still choose Plan A ;)