How to Travel Every Day

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of taking a blogging class that went over the basics of blogging, but also brushed over the importance of branding, advertising, etc...

Anyways, during this class we were asked to group up and quickly create a blog, a mission statement, and a corresponding post. My group had varying interests, but we all agreed that travel was a common one. We knew we needed to create a unique 'niche' for our faux blog, so we somehow came up with the idea of finding ways to travel

I quickly threw together a post with jumbled words and half-thoughts. Afterwards though, I realized that the idea was actually really inspiring. So what does a girl with a lifestlye blog and a (dusty) travel category do? She brings you this inspiring post about traveling without even having to leave your hometown... or even your living room chair.

When you think of traveling, you think of the act. Did you fly somewhere? Roadtrip? Did you visit a well known monument? 

The fact is, we don't all travel to somewhere new or exotic every day.

But we do travel every day.

Did you read a novel recently that you traveled into vicariously? Did you grab coffee with a friend? Did you connect with someone on a level of faith or beliefs?

Then dear friend, you did travel. Maybe not in the literal sense of the word, but you can travel every day and feed that wanderlust inside you. In fact, thank you for traveling to my blog today - because you're not in your frame of mind right now - you're in mine (welcome, by the way!). Part of the definition of travel is to make a journey. And a journey can be many things. Some people make a journey of health, of faith, of imagination, or a journey in a conversation.

Maybe I'm reaching for the stars here, but as someone who desperately loves the excitement of traveling to new and distant lands, I am limited by time, money, or connections. So I'm going to continue to challenge myself, personally to find the ways I travel each day. Here are some steps to take - I invite you to join me!

1. Start at home.

Without even getting out of your pajamas, how can you travel? For me, this is a challenge to delve deeper into God's Word. I need to remember that He gives me all that I need, and answers all my prayers in the ways He sees fit. By doing a study with my husband or by myself, I can travel to places (spiritually, mentally, etc..) that are not of this world and bring me closer to Him.
You can also try reading a novel, reading blogs, calling a friend, even taking a break from chores and play one-on-one with your children. Travel to THEIR world!

2. Step out out the front door.

Anything listed above can also be done outside, of course.
Or how about creating a garden space with a tropical theme? A nourishing garden with fresh fruits/veggies? Make your own property an oasis that exudes travel. A porch swing and a glass of sweet tea can take you on a journey in the same way a seat on the beach can... almost, anyway. Get to know your neighbors. Their every day is different than yours, so their perspectives and thoughts can bring you to a 'new place.'

3. Go local.

This is one I frequent. It includes some literal travel, but it doesn't break the bank. Grabbing coffee or lunch with a friend can fill a portion of that wanderlust in you. Plus, meeting up with friends leaves you feeling refreshed in body and soul.
Tom and I love trying unique restaurants and stepping outside our comfort zone a little. By myself, I love the trip to Whole Foods for one or two items, a swing through a cute boutique, or simply turning a typical errand into something extra special. When I go to the store, it's fun to make it seem novel by grabbing something small for my husband or a little treat for myself. Since it's not like that on every trip to the store, it feels like something you'd do on a trip.

4. Plan trips.

Some of the best trips are totally spontaneous, so use the word "plan" loosely. I just mean that you should make it a priority. Whether you drive 2 hours away or fly halfway around the world, be intentional in making literal travel a priority. Even the act of planning a trip can give your wanderlust a sense of fulfillment. Create Pinterest travel boards, look for nearby BnB's, checkout some campgrounds in otherwise expensive destinations, etc...
Take detours. Give yourself time to make stops that weren't necessarily part of the plan.

Bottom line:

Travel can be your state of mind. It is more than possible to travel every day. You know how certain foods, smells, or phrases can evoke memories and take you to another place or time? Meeting up with my best friends brings out that college giddiness again. Baking makes me feel like I'm spending the afternoon with my mom, even when she's 900 miles away. Maybe you don't find these ideas as ways to travel, but for me - and my restless soul - I'm going to challenge myself to see it that way.

I'm going to intentionally travel every day.

What are your thoughts on this idea? 

TravelJoy Johnson