Wow - it's been a while since I had a new project reveal for you guys! This is just a little one, but it's made a world of difference.

We have a small entryway. Our living room and foyer sort of morph together and things get even more crowded with a garage entry and front door entry in only slightly different spots. In the following pictures, you'll see the garage entry (complete with a tiny dog door - which our new puppy will never fit through) to the left of the shelf and storage we just added. We still need to update the paint on the doors - maybe even a light pop of color? - and add a lamp, but so far we are loving the minimalist look and functionality.

The top two cubbies give each of us a place to put floater items. If I see Tom's keys or wallet or glasses floating around, they go into his compartment. It's sort of like our own little "internal mail" system - haha! Mine stores my purse and sunglasses and whatever else I may need to grab on my way out the door. The bottom two compartments hold a few pairs of shoes. Just the pairs we can slide on to check the mail or run to the store in. Since our actual coat and shoe closet is in our upstairs landing, a storage spot like this was pretty needed for our little entryway.

Of course, I'mma give you the breakdown:

Trones: $80
Mirror: $16 (thrifted and painted)
Vases: $15 total (Home Goods, Target)
Books: $15 Goodwill
Candle: Gift (Pottery Barn)
Shelf: leftover from previous projects
TOTAL: $136

It's been the perfect place to check my makeup before heading out, and dumping the mail until I have a chance to look it over. Our kitchen counter had become the gathering place for all those random items before this, so I love the storage and minimal aesthetic. These are a great example of something I mentioned in my last post on being a clean freak - functionality. Though this looks clean, that top right cubby is full of old receipts and some plastic shopping bags (Tom's cubby, of course) but unless I told you, you'd just assume this area is spotless, huh?

So, what do you think? Would this sort of thing help in your home?