Hair Tutorial : Messy Waves

In case you didn't hear, I got my hair cut.

As in, ten inches *snip snipped* and I am absolutely loving it. Check out this post to see the before and after photo.

With all that length and no layers (which is what happens when you don't get your hair cut regularly over the course of SEVEN years) my hair had absolutely no body and eventually gave up trying whenever I went to curl it. Like I swear I would put some effort into making my hair look nice and it replied with a completely lachrymose, "nahhh... I'm good. I'mma just lay here and be flat."

So imagine my happiness after my haircut, when I curled it with a flatiron and it held up all day and freely bounced along on my shoulders. It was literally like weight-loss for hair.

It's crazy to think that among my friends in college I was the hairstylist for everyone. I had been the go-to for weddings, nights out, bachelorette parties, date nights, etc... and now only four years out, I feel like I can hardly handle a hair dryer! Over the last couple years I have become extremely lazy in terms of hairstyles, so I'm easing myself back into the habit of primping it more and more. Anyway, I'm now thrilled with the fact that it takes me about fifteen minutes (or less) to put a little texture into my hair via some messy curls. All without the help of a curling iron. My hair is rarely straight anymore! So I thought I'd share with you how I do this easy look. 

1. Add some dry shampoo to dry hair.

2. Situate your hair so it's laying naturally. Take various pieces of your hair and begin to curl them with your flatiron so that the curls turn away from your face. Turn the flatiron 90 degrees while letting your hair pass through. As you near the ends of your hair, let your hair out of the iron before the ends pass through. This leaves your ends straight and gives your waves a more "messy" texture.

For this hairstyle, don't worry about curling every single hair. I didn't divide my hair on purpose because I wanted some straight pieces mixed with wavy pieces. You can do this however you want, but this is just how I did it this time! 

Continue this throughout each side and don't forget the back.

3. Once you've curled everything you wanted to curl, spritz a little hairspray on everything, tousling a little as you go.

4. Then, run your fingers through your hair, separating curls and bringing the body of your hair together. 

5. If you want to / need to, give it a little tease wherever you might need it. My hair is fine and thin, so it can always use a little 'oomph' here and there.

...but teasing can sometimes turn out a little crazy!

6. Gently comb away the mess and fly-aways, and give it a finishing spritz of hairspray throughout. Voila! So easy.

Not only is it cute when it's down and styled this way, but even when I pull it up a little, it still looks textured and fun. 

Seem easy enough? Let me know if you try this and have any luck with it!