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I want to share with you all the little pieces behind the scenes. As much as I love a well framed photograph and a picturesque street, life doesn't always look like that. So since this community is about authentic truths, once a month, I'd like to fill you in on what else may be happening that doesn't necessarily make it to the blog - just for fun - and because that's real life!

These monthly posts may be a little wordy, and they may contain different content depending on how busy or slow a month had been, or what's been taking up top real estate in my mind as of late. I might include favorite posts or blogs from around my networks, playlists, videos to see, places to check out... who knows! I'm not going to box these posts in to any theme in particular because I want them to serve as a recap and a little monthly inspiration for you. Maybe you'll learn some thrifty date night secrets (hint: you're about to hear one) or embarrassing stories. There are no rules for these posts, so you'll just have to open them up and be surprised!

And if there are any topics you'd like to see more of please share them with me in the comments. Seriously - I'd love to know what kind of inspiration you may be looking for each month!

If you're entirely new to Joy Lynn, welcome! There have been some lovely new faces on my social media as of late, and I'm thrilled you're joining us. Stop by my about page or explore the different categories in the menu. This is a community where we share real stories, experiences, triumphs, and failures... but we keep in mind that our lives are filled with blessings, if only we take a moment to acknowledge them. We strive for grateful hearts amidst life's constant ebbs and flows. 

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Our thrifty date of the month was... *drum roll* ... to an event at our bank! I am definitely not joking. And you may be laughing, but our bellies were filled with free food from the various restaurant vendors, and we might just win $500 from the raffle (doubtful). They had free tacos, guys! The best part is, we almost showed up exactly on time, and we would have been the first ones there (awkward), so we went to Home Depot and looked at plants for a half hour, which was obviously super romantic.

Also this month, you may have seen a post on social media regarding our last minute camping overnight. During our dinner conversation on a Friday night, we suddenly decided to just head towards the mountains with our tent and an air mattress, and that's exactly what we did. I am constantly amazed that we can find such beauty only an hour north! And the next morning we may have had Waffle House for the first time since moving here.... and then unashamedly returned the morning after that. Who knew their pecan waffles were so amazing?!

  • Have any of you ever tried a Drybar? They basically just wash and blow-dry your hair into a nice style that could last you several days. I had the opportunity to act as a guinea pig for a new girl, and my hair was so dang long it took her an hour just to dry it. Then she had to curl everything twice and it still went flat the minute I left. It was a fun little spa-type treatment, but my hair isn't a type that holds curl for very long. So, the next day... I chopped it off! I ended up donating ten inches. Georgia is too hot and humid for long, straight hair like mine anyway, so getting it cut makes me feel so much cooler.... literally.
  • We tried a cute little donut shop one morning before church, because who can resist those sprinkles?! And because we rarely get donuts, so it was a treat :)
  • Estate sales are all over the place down here in the South. We don't usually find anything worth the prices, but a few weeks ago, Tom found the full Les Miserable 10th Anniversary concert on CD for fifty cents. Guys, I seriously sing Les Mis every.single.day. without the CD... so you can bet there is an extra amount of singing going on in my car lately, and I like to think the people at the stop lights are my fans (haha). If you have never listened to Les Mis, step away from the Hollywood version and Youtube the 10th anniversary concert right this second. Those are the greats.

Probably the most exciting part of June, though, was getting the kitchen finished and new appliances added. You can see the post on the kitchen reveal here. We finished it right around our one year hous-iversary (when we closed on our house) and I must say, I'm pretty impressed with the amount of work we've managed to squeeze into one year in this place! Thanks, those of you who followed along and offered some virtual high-fives in support. It feels amazing to be done, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to host various travelers in our awesome new space.

Currently, I'm pouring over decor (specifically coffee tables, side tables, and accent chairs) to give our living room a more cohesive feel. Since our living room, entryway, kitchen, and dining are all essentially one big room, everything really needs to work together. My living room Pinterest board and entryway Pinterest board may give you some idea of what styles I'm looking for. These pieces from Amazon have been catching my eye because I think we may DIY our coffee and side tables.

$44.57 $47.96

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How was your June? Anything you want to share? Comment below - I love hearing your stories.

Stay tuned for the July edition - it may look entirely different from this one which is half the fun!