How To Paint A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are weird. Honestly, it is so hard to go into a home improvement store and actually say the phrase, "Ohhhh that ceiling fan is gorgeous!"

They're fans, and they aren't super attractive.

That being said, we had been really on the fence about keeping the fans throughout our home (they're everywhere). In the guest room, the temperature tends to get a little warm because it's the only room in the house that gets a lot of light, so we are for sure going to keep one in there. Below is said fan:

Personally, I found the dingy, brushed silver to be pretty ugly... and in general, this fan has such weird curves to it. Of all the ugly fans in our house, this one was the ugliest (Tom disagreed). When redoing the guest room, after much discussion, we decided that instead of spending money on new fans, we'd just try to "update" them a little. Though ugly, the quality of them are actually pretty good. So until we could throw down a lot of cash on better looking, high quality ones, we're fixing up these babies.

I have to admit though, I really didn't think about the fact that you actually need to take the entire fan apart in order to spray paint it (oops!). Tom was all duh... did you just want to tape it up, spray paint it, and let it goop up all the gears?? And I was like uhhh... oh right, can you just like take it apart though? thankkksssss..

This guy puts up with me and I'm super blessed. Taking apart a fan and putting it back together is actually a real pain in the tush (not that I would know.. but Tom said it stunk).

Anyways, I found this color of Rustoleum on Young House Love when they sprayed some hardware on their door handles and such. It looked really great on their post and since I don't know the first thing about spray paint, I went with it. Here's a few photos for your general enjoyment:

After a good 24+ hours to let them dry, Thomas got to work putting it back together.

The thing we loved about this color is that it isn't completely matte (which I thought I wanted). It gives off just the smallest hint of bronze metallic... we both really love the final product.

What do you think? Big improvement, or not so much?

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