March | 2017

Spring really is my very favorite season in Georgia. Besides the horrendous allergies, it's great to have those warm days, cool nights, and spring life budding more each day. We had a well balanced month in terms of busyness and hang time, and having family visit made it even sweeter!

We've spent the last two years working on the interior of our house, so this year, we're focusing on the outside a little more. Currently we've got a garden box in the making and we'll be hopefully seeding our dirt-patch backyard with grass. It's a really shaded area, but since the backyard is fenced in, we'd like Hondo to be able to have a grassier, less muddy area to be free. 

Anyways, scroll down to see what our month looked like.

Below that, you'll find some favorites from around the internet, and my sidebar also has some new additions to my favorite Amazon products, so be sure and explore those too!

Favorite Links

This old YouTube video of a kid's self-talk on his eating habits. Never fails to crack me up.

It may be a couple months in, but I love The Peculiar Treasure's words on respecting those in authority. Honestly, whether this was about Presidential authority or other figures of authority, this is beautifully said.

You had to know my minimalist soul would love this post on stopping those unnecessary shopping habits. Great tips!

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