September | 2017

I'm back, ladies and gents! I realize we are well into October, so I'm pretty late on my monthly update post, but I must admit, it's been a nice break to be away for a while and allow myself to miss blogging and all the work that goes into it. Sometimes writing can start to feel more like a chore, and in turn keep me from really desiring to write, so having this time away has been an extremely healthy exercise for me. At times, I find myself coming up short in terms of content or ideas, and end up writing something subpar out of guilt to just "get something out there." But giving myself the time to just shut it all off and "be" has proved invigorating and helped reignite some of that passion back into me.

Now, if you're not up to speed, Tom and I jetted off on our first overseas vacation (and first vacation since our honeymoon over four years ago) for three weeks. We took in the raw beauty of Iceland, the old architecture and culture of France, and the food and wine and history of Italy. It was the trip of a lifetime and truly unforgettable. I'll be sharing about each country soon, so stay tuned for some fun posts on the little quirks of each place (culture, food, customs, awesome areas to visit, etc...).

The month of September, though, was mostly spent stateside (and included my birthday: post here). Let me go over a few highlights! Keep in mind, most of these photos are unedited - I just like to give you a real taste of what's been happening behind the scenes :)

Life Lately



I dyed my hair blonder
Hondo is enormous
I turned 28
We had lots of homemade crusty bread
We fit in lots of Berner snuggles before our long time away
We left early for Newark and looked a bit like packing mules
We saw Time Square at night...
...and saw NYC in the daytime
We made it to Iceland and chased waterfalls and lava fields for three days
Then made it to Paris (where we basically just slept!) and continued on to Dijon before October hit us

September Posts

Favorites Lately

Since arriving home, it's been so nice to eat more familiar foods. Not that we didn't have some great meals in Europe, but by some miracle, we've had nice, cool, fall weather here in Georgia since getting back. My favorite fall meal is chicken pot pie. Check out my recipe - I PROMISE you haven't had chicken pot pie that's this good, so give it a go. It's a beloved family recipe and I've got a whole pan in the fridge right now (it's even better leftover).

This cute, basic backpack that we used as a daypack on our trip, was super sturdy and lightweight. It was easy to just throw the day's necessities in it and go. Plus, I think it looks really nice!

$15.98 $36.94

Did you know about Target's "Finds" page? Check it out here. It's basically several collections of the stuff people find at Target. Hauls, Instagram hashtags, trends, product editions/topics... Just kind of a cool category of their site I've not noticed before!

All the fall things! I picked up a yummy Pumpkin Vanilla scented candle (at Target of course) and at this rate it'll be burned to the bottom by Thursday!

What're your favorites lately? What things make you really get in the spirit of Fall?

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