May | 2017

I'm pretty sure that the month of May is crazy every single year of life. School's out, graduations, spring trips, parties, etc... and this one was packed full for us!

I'm so thankful we were able to see a lot of my family at the confirmation of our oldest niece, and then later on in the trip see more family in friends in Wisconsin. We could have done without the emergency car repair in some random suburb of Chicago and the bill + a night in a hotel that went with it, but such is life! We also started a gym membership at the beginning of the month and have faithfully been going twice a week, and soon will add a third day. I have been loving it and am even finding myself doing random sets of body weight exercises at home.

The baking challenge is coming to a close in the next month, but it's been so much fun to share and get done every week - especially since my mom is doing it with me! We've always loved to bake together, so even though we're miles apart, we get to feel close while we bake over Facetime :)
Also in relation to food, I'm so excited to be an ambassador for this amazing Dining Out ATL Passbook! We are saving so much money on dates (almost all the deals are BOGO) and having a blast while we're at it!

Well, enough rambling on. Here's the photo tour of our month!