July | 2017

I mean, is it okay to admit that I'm already living vicariously through our upcoming trip? Haha! We are having so much fun just PLANNING for it, and we're learning some cool tricks for packing and about overseas travel as a whole. I've become really fascinated by it all and have found myself looking for info that doesn't even necessarily pertain to this trip. 

Are any of my readers fluent or decent in French or Italian? I've love to know the phrases you think would be most helpful for us to familiarize ourselves with. Like, "Yes, more bread and cheese, please" "Another bottle, please" and "What do you mean I look like a tourist?!" :)

This month was really pretty relaxed, though, which has been nice. It was extremely hot and humid here until recently, when the humidity dropped and the mornings have been perfect for walks with the pupper. It's been a slow month, overall, and we've had a nice balance between busyness, life, work, and appointments. Here's what's been happening...

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Things this blogger "will never..."  - I loved this post by my friend, Autumn. It was both amusing (#2: really! Some people's comments online are INSANE) and a fun way for me to see someone else's perspectives on some things that don't bother me, or I've just never thought about. Fun little read! It'll get you thinking!

Venice travel guide - also by a friend (sorry, I'm a little biased, okay?!). Alex put this together so nicely and it was fun to hear about her trip!

This video of a poor hamster's running wheel fail - haha!

Do you like dad jokes? These guys go up against each other and aren't supposed to laugh at each other's dad jokes... but obviously.. that's impossible.

Tumblr posts that are too real for dog owners - it made me laugh way too hard.

This Chicago home tour is so awesome. Love the storage solutions, modern touches, and bright decor. 

How was your month? Anything you'd like to see on Joy Lynn soon? I'd love to hear from you :)

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