June | 2017

After such a busy May, it was nice to have a quieter month to follow. It still involved a week-long trip, but it was mostly a month we used to nail down our Iceland/Europe trip details and itinerary. I've been obsessing over this trip and it's honestly been really hard for me to focus on anything else because I don't want to feel like we're booking anything last minute (as in, a month or less before). Now I'm sorting through shoes, compact hygiene ideas, useful travel accessories, and backpacking tips. 

This month, we did have some fun though. We...

  • explored San Francisco
  • saw family
  • took Hondo swimming
  • made sushi (so yummy and fun!)
  • watched the Giants play
  • ate gyros at Kouzina Christos
  • started looking at new couches (not happening soon, but we're thinking about it)
  • witnessed our dog grow another 10lbs from last month (he's 75lbs now!)
  • had a coffee date
  • enjoyed some seafood (trout and swordfish) at REEL

Don't forget to use my code: JOYpass2017 to get yours for only $35. It's filled with BOGO entrees at many of Atlanta's best restaurants. It has truly has become our date night sidekick!

In the next couple of months I'm hoping to share with you all the products and ideas I'm gathering up to pack for our trip in only a backpack. We'll be using the backpack pictured (but in black).

It's about the size of a typical carryon, so it's going to be a challenge to pack for nearly three weeks in a bag of this size, but I'm really looking forward to packing light and putting a greater focus on just being in these amazing destinations!

The challenges I foresee:

  • shoes
  • hygiene products
  • hair styling tools
  • clothes that roll up really small and wash/line dry easily
  • fitting electronic stuff and chargers

It's going to be a serious adventure! If you have any brands or products you think I might love for this trip, please share!


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